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Postby happychops » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:36 am

Hi Guys
I am 31 and had been trying for 3.5yrs and can finally say I am 6wks pregnant today!!!
I had loads of tests done over the last year or two, you name it I have had it!!! Nothing was found that was wrong with us, which in a way is more frustrating as you don’t understand why you’re not conceiving!!! All we needed was a little help (icis) was our savior!!! :)
Started my jabs on Aug 10th, 1 lot of jabs up to 3 of an evening, went in for egg collection on 17th Sept, waiting for that call in the morning to see how many are mature was a wait and a half, luckily for us 8 eggs were mature and 5 had fertilized, we were over the moon!! The little ones were put back in the incubator for the weekend and then on Monday 20th Sept we waited for the call to see if they had turned into embryos, all 5 had, what a relief, I burst into tears of joy!!! So I was to go in the afternoon for insemination. We decided to have 2 put back in, (why not I have waited long enough for this)!!! Everything ran smoothly even saw the woosh on the ultra sound screen as they inserted the embryos and released them, amazing!!! Waited 2wks to do the test, what a long 2wks!!! Then the day came 5th oct, did the test and up came the 2 red lines, we had to read it over and over again just to check and double check, I did another test the other day to just to double check again, i defiantly am pregnant!!! Still floating on cloud nine!!!
We have our first scan on Wed 27th, so excited, i had 2 embryos put back in and i have really strong feeling we are having twins, they also run in the family!! We will soon find out!! Just wanted to share my story with others out there, hope to hear you stories to ;0)

Sarah :lol:
Icis Ivf - 1; 5 fertilized, 2 embies put back, 3 frozen
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First scan; wed 27th
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Postby angelaezra » Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:59 am

Sarah – Congratulations on your BFP! I truly understand the strong desire of wanting to have a family so very badly and I am happy that your wish is coming true. It might be helpful to start a June 2011 thread for other mommies who are expecting their babies around the same time that way you will have other ladies that will go through your journey with you!

Congrats again!

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2nd FET 6/09-BFN
3rd IVF 2010-April-BFP - DD born 12/7/10

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