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Bleeding at 7 and a half weeks - Help

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

Bleeding at 7 and a half weeks - Help

Postby bubblymichelle » Thu Aug 21, 2003 8:04 am

Hi Dawn<br><br>Just to let you know I have phoned work and told them I wouldn't be going in today. I am going to see if I can get booked in at the doctors. Even if they just put the heart doppler on me least I will know all is ok.<br><br>The thing is I can't say to you to have complete rest and me go to work and I know I need to think about myself and the baby.<br><br>I will certainly post on the board once I know what is happening.<br><br>Take Care<br>Love<br>Shell.<br>xx<br>P.S Make sure you rest too!!<br>
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Bleeding at 7 and a half weeks - Help

Postby Zed2003 » Thu Aug 21, 2003 8:20 am

Hi Shell,<br><br>Hope things are ok. You did the right thing phoning in sick. Take care of yourself.<br><br>Zoe x
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Bleeding at 7 and a half weeks - Help

Postby Susi » Thu Aug 21, 2003 10:58 am

Hi Dawn<br><br>have read this thread and am so glad to see that everything is ok. Hope that you have managed to rest and de-stress . Are you feeeling ok otherwise ? I can't remember if you are expecting twins ?<br><br>Am feeling ok , if a bit tired. Am currently in the UK visiting the mother in law... she's not too impressed by my pregnancy, let alone twins but seems to be coming round.<br><br>Keep well and rest<br>A big hug<br>Susanne
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Bleeding at 7 and a half weeks - Help

Postby Dawn Blake » Thu Aug 21, 2003 1:04 pm

Hi Susi<br><br>How are you feeling?<br><br>I am trying to relax and the bleeding is gradually stopping, so am doing as I am told and taking it easy!<br><br>I am expecting 1 little beauty and am very very excited, this was our 5th attempt.<br><br>I can't believe your MIL isn't delighted to be the expectant grandmother of twins, she doesn't know how lucky she is - is she as evil normally!<br><br>Enjoy your trip over here, the weather is going to be glorious, so at least that is something!!<br><br>You keep well too, and when your body says rest....rest!<br><br>D x
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