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Postby Lynned » Sat Sep 20, 2003 10:54 am

Hi,<br><br>I have not posted on this side before, but I am in need of some reassurance, can anyone help.<br><br>Had early scan on Wed which showed twins, unfortunatly had really heavy bleed with large clot on Thursday went to hospital who prepared us for worst but everyone was shocked to see two little heart beat in a scan, bleed over night on Thursday but has tailed off now, still got slight cramps. Can't believe that I could have such a heavy bleed and everything will be okay. Frightened to go to the toilet and dh stands outside. I am 8 weeks today. Has anyone had anything similar. Please help, think I am going mad.<br><br>Lots of Love and Thanks<br>Lynne
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Postby Annie » Sat Sep 20, 2003 12:19 pm

Dear Lynne Im sure Ive read of v similar occurances to yours on this message board which have had happy outcomes.All the best wishes in the world for you and your dh. Sorry I cant be more help <br>love Annie
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Postby Zed2003 » Sat Sep 20, 2003 12:46 pm

Hi Lynne,<br>Sorry you're going through this.<br>If it helps any, I had bad cramping weeks 5-8, and from week 9 just a constant dull pain. I've had some form of bleeding every day (mostly brown) and heavier red bleeding with a clot or two about once a week for the last 3 weeks or so. A scan at 8 weeks showed a haematoma attached to the sac (bruising), apparently a common thing in pregnancy, but often absorbed by the body naturally.<br>There's a few girls who have had similar occurances that have helped me mentally. My initial reaction was to lie down forever, but as my EPU stated, all that would do would be to prolong things if it needed to come out. They say that nothing you can do will change what will be - just take it easy and drink loads.<br>Thankfully you have seen two lovely heartbeats :-) and all you can do is take one step at a time. It is awful to have this added pressure and worry, but try to stay positive - you sound like you have a dh like mine! Just look forward to the next scan (mine is on Monday) when you can see your babies again.<br>Love Zoe x<br>P.S Initially my hormone level suggested twins and I was told very early on that the uterus can sometimes be 'unsettled' more because of this. Hope all this is off some help...Take care.
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Postby suzanne » Sat Sep 20, 2003 4:29 pm

Hi Lynne,<br><br>I know of someone who bled throughout her whole pregnancy. It was something to do with the placenta (low lying?). She went on to have a healthy baby girl.<br><br>I know it's easy for others to say don't worry, but I'm sure everything is absolutely fine.<br><br>Take care,<br>Suzanne.x
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Postby bubblymichelle » Sat Sep 20, 2003 10:43 pm

Just to let you know I bled up to 14wks on and off and sometimes if was quite heavy. I had another bleed at 18wks and thought that something was happening. My hospital seem to think that I will get spotting all the way through especially when AF is due so I have to wait and see. The thing is we won't stop worrying its not that easy, when you see blood you automatically think that something is happening to the baby but people do have bleeds all the way through and have healthy babies.<br>Love<br>Shell.<br>22wks 2d pg<br>xx
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