For Tracey S

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.
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For Tracey S

Post by SallyP » Mon Sep 22, 2003 10:08 am

Hi Tracey,<br><br>Just thought I'd send you a note to see how you are feeling and how you are coping. You have always been such an inspiration and comfort to everyone on this board, full of wise or daft (or both) words, depending on the circumstances! I know there's nothing I can say or do to take your pain away, I only wish there was as I know everyone on the board would have done it for you in an instant, but I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you, wondering how you and DH are, and send you my love,<br><br>LOL SAlly xxx
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For Tracey S

Post by emma0908 » Mon Sep 22, 2003 10:18 am

Hi Tracey<br>The same goes for me, a day dosen't go by without me thinking of you and your dh. How are you? Have you had any feedback yet from your letters? Your expression of speech/cheerfulness and humour are very much missed by us all! Take care of yourselves and remember we're here for you as much as you have been there for us. <br><br>LOL <br>Emma<br>x

Tracey S
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For Tracey S

Post by Tracey S » Mon Sep 22, 2003 10:46 am

Hi<br>Just wanted to pop in as don't come on much at the moment - in some ways time heals and in others I said to Ian this morning I am getting worse - maybe because the world keeps turning whilst mine or ours has stopped. Emma we have not had any reply from our letters and still we wait and whatever way we turn there is still so much to come - waiting for results and cremations etc and then the long slog of IVF again - to see if it will work - I thought after 9 yrs TTC and 4 IVF's and one ectopic our time had finally come and now I panic that it is never meant to be. I will I am sure fight again but it is not the same really as the excitement of our pg and I felt good every day after the worry of the 12 week scan.<br>In some ways it is great to hear positive news and in some (I hope this doesn;t sound selfish) it is so hard as we are so unhappy.<br>We are off to Tuscany for a few days next Monday but are going with mixed feelings as we had booked the time off to decorate the nursery etc and we don;t want a holiday just our baby.<br>I do so appreciate your sentiments I really do and know I am strong but this is a living hell is all I can say really. I don't know of anyone out there who has gone through a late m/c and gone on to have another chance - I know Sarah lost at 10 weeks and is pg now but when you hear the 95% chance after 7 weeks etc nos you think of the baby at the end. I know Scotty and Woppa are going again soon or thinking it - in the meantime we wait.<br>I am so glad you are going along nicely with yours and wish you all the very best - Emma I read your post about your embies left - tough shout but I too think of all those out there who don't have eggs or sperm etc and need a chance - I would be so depressed if they suddenly told me I couldn't produce eggs any longer of soemthing - I am 37 at present and time ticks away. Whatever decision you make I am sure it will be the right one.<br>Sally take care<br>Love<br>Tracey<br>xxx
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For Tracey S

Post by Jo Locker » Mon Sep 22, 2003 11:29 am

Tracey whilst you're around just want to ditto what the others have said. Wishing you comfort and help in this horrible time for you. I know it's hard to hear good news when you had it in your grasp but are now so sad-there's no need to feel bad about feeling this way, everyone will understand perfectly.<br><br>Keep plodding on. I don't know how to advise you to get through it, I wish I did. <br><br>Lots of Love - Jo.XXXXX<br>

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For Tracey S

Post by suzanne » Mon Sep 22, 2003 2:04 pm

Hi Tracey,<br><br>like Emma, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you, and how you are coping. I can't even begin to imagine how tough it must be at the moment for you and Ian. <br><br>You don't sound selfish in the slightest, as your feelings are perfectly natural. I hope that things turn around for you very soon, and that we can all follow your progress again on the pregnant after treatment board, as bitter sweet as that might be.<br><br>Look after yourselves,<br>Suzanne.x

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For Tracey S

Post by Traci » Mon Sep 22, 2003 4:23 pm

Hi Tracey<br>Dont even go there with feeling selfish , its natural to feel like you do even though I cant begin to imagine how that is , I think about you every day , I do hope that the time away will do you both good , it will be good even if its a change of cenery.<br><br>Try and have a nice time <br><br>{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}<br>Love Trace x
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For Tracey S

Post by Helen G » Mon Sep 22, 2003 4:44 pm

Hi Tracey<br><br>I can only reiterate what the others have said - not a day goes by that I don't think of you and Ian. I hope that Tuscany gives you a few days away from the pain of home - try and enjoy yourselves.<br><br>I look forward to hearing positive news from you in the future.<br><br>All my love<br>Helenxx

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For Tracey S

Post by Lizzy7 » Mon Sep 22, 2003 8:51 pm

Hi Tracey,<br><br>Hoping you and Ian are getting by - get some rest and some peace in Tuscany if you can. I can't imagine your pain so you 2 look after eachother.<br><br>As for the late m/c - i have a friend who lost at 16w and went on to have a beautiful baby girl, so please don't think it can't happen for you. She won't ever forget the one she lost as i know you won't but it comforting to think her baby has a guardian angel up there.<br><br>Take care,<br>Much love, Lizzy xxx

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