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Message for Suzanne

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

Message for Suzanne

Postby fiona_lk » Tue Sep 23, 2003 10:53 am

Hi Suzanne,<br><br>Well mate, your time is nearly here - I am getting so excited for you and I'm concerned your news may come when I'm on holiday next week (although I'll try and get Woppa to check for me and she can text me if it does).<br><br>So, I thought I'd better post my message before I go on hols, let you know I'm thinking of you (and have a cyber hand hold if you need it) and wish you all the best of luck for a quick and easy delivery of your precious miracle.<br><br>Lots of Love<br><br><br><br>Fiona (and jellybean) xxx<br><br>[Edited by fiona_lk on 23-Sep-03 03:53]
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Message for Suzanne

Postby suzanne » Tue Sep 23, 2003 4:29 pm

Thanks Fiona.....it's really sweet of you to be thinking of me.<br><br>Just two weeks to go today! I still remember you giving me some much needed advice just after Christmas, when I was panicking about starting treatment (which I miraculously didn't end up having), and I just don't know where the time has gone!<br><br>I must admit I just want the 'peanut' (aren't we daft with the nicknames we come up with) to arrive now, safe and sound. There've been some really tragic stories on the boards lately and it just makes you realise how precious our little cargo's are and how much can go wrong.<br><br>I hope you're having a good pregnancy, and hope that you have a wonderful holiday.<br><br>Just think when you come home I'll be a mum!<br><br>Take care,<br>Suzanne.x
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