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Diabetes in pregnancy?

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

Diabetes in pregnancy?

Postby emma0908 » Wed Sep 24, 2003 2:12 pm

Hi all <br>can you help? does anyone know anything about diabetes in twin pregnancy? I have high glucose and protein and have to have a high glucose tolerence test on the 10th October??!!!!<br><br>Hope your all well<br><br>lol<br>emma<br>x
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Diabetes in pregnancy?

Postby KirstyC » Wed Sep 24, 2003 3:04 pm

Hi Emma,<br>Pregnancy induced diabetes can happen in about 5% of pregancies (twin or singleton) I think. I recently failed a lucazade test as my blood sugar was high. So I had to go back for a much longer test. It turned out I was ok, but I was told that had I got Pregnancy Induced Diabetes then I would have to control it via my diet. Try not to worry (I know I did when they first mentioned the word diabetes to me!!!)If you do get it, apparently it goes after the baby/s are born.<br>Good luck with your test on the 10th!!<br>Take care of you all,<br>Lots of love<br>Kirsty<br>x
TTC for 7 yrs (have severe endo and pcos and hubby has v low sperm) until became pg after ICSI cycle last feb. Now am the lucky mother of perfect little boy called Joshua born last october.
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Diabetes in pregnancy?

Postby Helen G » Wed Sep 24, 2003 3:43 pm

Hiya<br><br>I've recently had to have a lucozade test as well!! I've come back as having "impaired" glucose tolerance. I don't have diabetes but the way my body is dealing with sugar isn't as efficient as it could be. I've been advised to cut back on sugar as much as I can but otherwise to continue as normal. I think they'll be keeping a closer eye on me but probably won't need to do anything different as I'm having regular scans and stuff already because of the twins.<br><br>As Kirsty says, they normally say you can control it by diet and it disappears after the birth. I think one of the biggest side affects for the baby is that they can grow too big because of the amount of sugar, hence regular scans to check on growth, etc.<br><br>Don't worry - I'm sure if they thought it was anything serious or urgent they'd be testing you before. Hopefully just procedure!<br><br>Good luck with the test - let us know how you get on.<br><br>helen xx
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