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for dawn and becky 28 and their big trousers

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for dawn and becky 28 and their big trousers

Postby kathryn » Thu Oct 09, 2003 12:38 pm

hello dawn and becky!<br><br>just been reading that your scans went well! it must feel amazing for you both, and then to be ordering your big trousers dawn!<br>its funny how we go through life trying not to get bigger and put more weight on, and then all of a sudden we want huge tummies!and cant wait to buy bigger clothes!<br><br>hope all the sickness and the nosebleeds have gone now!<br>do either of you want to know what your having?<br><br>cant believe how quickly time has gone since July and how your both into your 2nd trimester!!<br><br>hopefully the rest of the jcbs pregnant butts will be over soon!<br>take care <br>lots of love<br>kathryn<br>x<br><br>going nuts on this 2ww! feeling really detatched, but I think its because there was no ec or drugs (natural fet). Think my boobs are sore(ing) up! but worried im imagining it!
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for dawn and becky 28 and their big trousers

Postby Becky28 » Thu Oct 09, 2003 2:54 pm

Hi Kathryn! Lovely to hear from you. It must be really different doing a natural FET - lovely to have no side effects in a way, but I suppose no matter how vile they are we sort of find them reassuring. You'll have heard it a million times, but don't worry, because symptoms won't make any difference to the end result - I really felt no indication that I was pg at all during my 2ww, so you just never know. When do you test? It'll be great to have you on this side with us!<br><br>No more nosebleeds and only one puking session, so I got off very lightly indeed in the 1st trimester. Dawn, I've bought two pairs of stretchy tracksuit trousers (v JLo, NOT) - luckily I can go casual to work. Am a bit concerned as when I told everyone at work that I was expecting, one colleague said 'Oh, I thought you'd put on a bit of weight!' I'm only just over 13 wks!! Heyho, I'll worry about it when the bambino's out and safe, and think of it as winter warmth until then!!<br><br>Oh yeah - we're not going to find out if boy or girl - nice surprise at the end of labour I think! What about you Dawn?<br>Take care both of you, and huge +++++ vibes to you Kathryn, Beck xxx
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for dawn and becky 28 and their big trousers

Postby Dawn Blake » Mon Oct 13, 2003 1:07 pm

Hiya you two!<br><br>I can't believe how quickly it is going either, I will be 16 weeks on Wednesday, and seeing the midwife for the first time on Friday - which is very exciting!<br><br>Still in normal clothes, but they are snug, in fact the top button is undone today, but thankfully my jumper covers that!<br><br>Have found 2 pairs of mat trousers in Next and Dotty P's, haven't purchased them yet, reckon I have got another few weeks before things become desperate!<br><br>Posted on the other side for you Kathryn, can't tell you how much I am hoping things will work out this time and you can join us over here permanently!! <br><br>Becky, like you we are not finding out the sex until `it' arrives. Our thoughts are having known every other detail to the minute it will be lovely to have a surprise, and girl or boy, well pah! who cares?! Going to keep names secret too, so people can't eurghh at the suggestions, once the baby is here that's that and final! HE HE!<br><br>Nose is still a bit scabby (attractive), but I have had the snivels too, so I don't think that helps.<br><br>Kathryn, like Becky I had no inkling that I was PG during the 2WW, I have felt more pg at other attempts, and a lot of it is down to the damn pessaries - glad to see the back of them! Be thankful that you aren't having the old stimmies, your body is doing all the work for you! Got a good feeling Kathryn!!!!<br><br>Take care anyway, rest up, and that goes for you to Beck! Are you tired still, I am shattered today!<br><br>Roll on home time, do my pilates dvd and hit the sofa - that's the best bit!<br><br>D x<br>
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for dawn and becky 28 and their big trousers

Postby nicolam » Wed Oct 15, 2003 9:04 am

Wanted to say hello Kathryn, and thank you for your kind words on your previous note to me. I've been a bit slack visiting the site, DH took his laptop away with him whilst working abroad for 2 weeks and my work has been so busy (and too many people milling about).<br><br>I desperately wanted to wish you luck for the 2ww - sooo hope it will work out, you deserve it so much. You've been incredibly strong and 'got back on the horse' so quickly. Mine was our first FET and just took HRT and pessaries, which compared to normal IVF was heaven. So it must have been brilliant for you doing it natural.<br><br>I'm desperately hoping the bump will get bigger - don't seem to feel that much different, so like Dawn will be waiting until absolutely necessary before looking for big trousers.<br><br>Glad everything's going well Dawn and Becky - roll on that 20 week scan eh?<br><br>Nicola x (14.5wks)<br><br>
TTC 8 yrs. Me 35, DH 52. 1st IVF eggs didn't fertilise, sperm couldn't get through shell. 2nd & 3rd ICSI got embryos but -ve. 1st FET +ve with twins, '1 disappeared' at 9 wks. One baby due 9th April.
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