Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by JustLikeHannah » Wed Mar 09, 2011 6:57 am

Hi ladies,

SDtrying - Thanks! And yay on the heartbeat!

Leora - Thank you! 5wks turns into 35wks in no time :) and yay on the dtd! Maintaining that level of intimacy during pregnancy can be difficult, so enjoy it as longgggg as you can :))

Annashope - Thank you! Very sweet to say. I've gained weight in other areas, but thankfully not where it's very noticeable. My thighs, butt, and a bit in my face, but yes, mainly in my belly. Not sure if we're sharing weight totals here, but I've gained 50lbs thus far and though it's more than my dr originally estimated, she's happy with the growth of the babies and says she would never guess I've gained that much. Very nice of her to say and made me feel good :)

Reenie - Yay!!! Glad you get to go home today. I'll be praying for you and the little ones, but am certain all will go well. :)) please keep us posted and post pictures as soon as you can :) very excited for you

Lou - Thank you! I'm posting the 4d pic of my lil man below :)

Ryann - Congrats on your boy/girl twins :) best of both worlds

Here's my 4d pic of my lil boy Judah playing with his tongue. Sooooo sweet!

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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by klinger13 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:41 pm

Ryann - Congrats on confirmation of your boy/girl twins!! So happy for you!!

Annashope - Great pic with your sister!

Renee - What a great shot of your little guy playing with his tongue. Too cute!

SD - Congrats on hearing the h/b!!

Leora - Can't wait to hear a wonderful u/s report from you tomorrow!

AFM, I've been struggling with this ezcema I acquired a few months ago and had some bad hives again. DH had to pack ice packs around my body the other night to try to curb the itching. I went back to the dermatologist on Monday and he gave me a different topical ointment to try and I think it's working better than the last one. Fingers crossed, maybe I'll be itch-free in a few more days? Other than that, yesterday I gave my notice at work. My last day will be June 3rd and since my company "frowns upon" part-time work, I'm resigning completely to be a SAHM. Can't wait!! I've been buying a few things each week - the glider/rocker came in this week and I started stocking up on cloth diapers (they're so much easier than they were when I last used them 22 years ago.) Anyone else planning on cloth diapering?
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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by anacris » Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:18 pm

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been gone forever, wow the first trimester had me soooo tired, the twins go to sleep just before 8, then I come and read everything and by the time I finish reading I am already half asleep, but more energy is definitly kicking on the 2nd trim.
Lost I am soooo sorry for what happened, sending hugs and prayers your way
Stephanie I will be praying for your friends sister
Ryann congrats on your boy and girl how fun! So the needle was right! :)
Lou I have always wondered about the chinese gender chart and if it applies in my case since all my kids were conceived the same day (I did a FET this last time), should I go with conception date or due date? Just did it and either way it says girl... So it was wrong for my boy twins and right this time :D.
AFM An uneventful pregnancy for now thankfully, and on last ultrasound we found out we are having a Little Girl!
So happy to see so many ladies joining from the winter board, this combined board was a great idea.

Hugs to all,

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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by lou71 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:22 pm

Annas-- You and your sister look adorable together! What a great pic to have as a memory. How awesome that the cousins will be so close in age too.

Rypell-- Congrats on the Boy/Girl twins! How did they measure? Any good u/s pics to share? I guess the Chinese gender predictor will be right for you either way!

Diedraj-- The chinese gender chart uses an ancient lunar calendar which is way different than the solar calendar we use today. So you will appear older as it doesn't match up to the calendar we use. So it was right for you!

SD -- Congrats on a great u/s with a heartbeat! Did you try the Chinese gender predictor? I'll post again for those who haven't done it.

Justlikehannah-- I looooove your 4D pic! Simply amazing. I bet you cannot wait to meet them.

Klinger -- I'm so sorry about your eczema. You sound miserable. Kudos to you for going green and using cloth diapers. I will strongly consider it for the environment. When I imagine all those diapers sitting in land fills, it makes me cringe and I don't want to contribute to that.

AFM -- My first OB appt is this afternoon! I'm excited. I'm not released by RE yet but he agreed I should see my OB. I am going to the Bon Jovi concert tonight so will update on my appt tomorrow.

Here's the Gender Predicitions so far:
Name Prediction says Actual Right/Wrong
Leora Girl
Bunny Boy Girl Wrong
Klinger Girl Girl Right!
Lou Girl
Diedraj Girl Girl Right!
Anacris Girl Girl Right!
Try it, it's fun! The link is above.
Lou--- 1 beautiful baby girl from a single 8 cell embie in Sept 2011

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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by leorira11 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 6:48 pm

okay - freaking out a little bit about the u/s tomorrow morning. I've been feeling nauseous, but not as sick as I have been in past pregnancies. I haven't actually thrown up yet. I'm tired, but that could be from a million other things. I know that I'm still really early and having no symptoms is fine, but I'm terrified that we will go for the u/s tomorrow morning and the doctor will say "this was a big mistake - you are not pregnant". UGH - why do I freak out so much? I've had no cramping and no bleeding - things should be fine. I wish I had another HPT to take, but even those weren't bringing much comfort (and I can't justify buying more).... I really hope things go well tomorrow!
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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by Waitingkay » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:21 pm

Hi everyone!

We just got our second Beta today, and are thrilled to be finally pregnant. Our first beta was on Monday, we thought we were gonna have twins (this was a dream). Today it was a good number yet RE said it seemed more like one and a half babies rather than two...Still, we are so overjoyed and thankful. Hoping for a boring and enjoyable pregnancy, for everyone on board.

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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by karin1 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:25 pm

Hi ladies! I'm sorry I've been MIA. I don't think I've even had a chance to post on the combined group yet. We have been so busy with appointments trying to get started on the house remodeling. I had to catch up on my reading. It's so nice to go to one board and see all the familiar familiar faces.

Lost......I'm so sorry to hear what happened. Lots of prayers for you and DH.

Stephanie.....So sorry to hear about your friend. I can't even imagine.

Ryann......Congrats on ONE of EACH! :D :D That's awesome!

Anna.....Cute pic of you and your sis.

Klinger.....I have thought about cloth diapers, but not sure if I'm up for the task with two. My brother and SIL used cloth for their little girl and said it was easy. I have thought of trying it and using disposables when I'm in a pinch. Good for you for thinking of the enviroment. Sorry to hear about your eczema. That has to be terrible. Hoping you get relief soon! dear's so great to see you on this board. Enjoy Bon Jovi! I'm sooooo jealous!'re pregnant! Your u/s is going to be great!

JustlikeHannah......Judah is too cute!

AFM......We're trying to get going on some of the remodeling on our kitchen and family room. Plus paint the entire inside/outside of the house. We've been busy with appt for estimates and it's a nightmare. Some of the estimates are crazy. My in-laws are coming to visit too, which is causing us to speed up the guest room. They're coming March 31, so I had to have two people come yesterday for window treatment quotes and pressure them to have it done in time.

I had an OB appt yesterday. She said that our boys look great. (She does u/s everytime) I am going to visit my family in WV for spring break. I asked her if it was okay to travel. She said that it was okay, that she doesn't let her twin mamas to travel past 25 wks. I will be 24 wks when i leave and 25 the day I get back. She said to wear support hose, hydrate and move around. My SIL and MIL keep shouldn't go and risk the babies. So annoying. I wouldn't do anything to risk these babies. If my OB said no...I wouldn't go. I haven't seen my family since last August and who knows how long it will be before I can go again with 2 babies. I use to go visit a couple times a year when I lived in ATL , now it's down to 1 or 2. I have 2 OB appt and 1 or 2 appt with the U/S place. I wish I could go now, the problem with that is, DD has school and she missed a wk when we went to Hawaii. If for any reason there was an issue, I would cancel the trip. What do you ladies think? Any advice?

I wanted to ask about weight gain. How much have you ladies gained? What do you think is normal for twins? I've gained about 10lbs...I guess. I'm not sure of the exact number when i got pregnant because I never really cared. I just bought my first home weight scale last week. My belly has grown alot in the past week. My OB said it wasn't big at all for twins. I feel pretty good though. My sleep is starting to really suck. I wake up alot. On the plus side, I think that maybe I'm starting to feel some movement. I started to feel like a swish here and there. So exciting!

Have a great day!

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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by mellow4 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:29 pm

Lou~ It was wrong for me. It says boy, and since I'm having two girls, well really wrong. haha This one however is right. :) ... Chart.aspx

The funny thing is though, it wasn't getting my my info correct if I went by date due, on the one you posted, when I did it that way it said my lunar age was 38, which wouldn't be right by lunar age anyway, and it said I conceived in April...So something was way off. But either way, by conception date or due date, it said boy. Fun, stuff. :) Hope your feeling well, so happy things have been looking good for your little gummy bear. :)

Leora~ Hang in there, this is the bumpy roller coaster of emotions that we all go through in the first trimester. Every pregnancy is different, so hopefully everything is going well. I know you are looking forward to tomorrows u/s but since it's so early, you might just be on pins and needles for a couple more weeks. We are here for you, so feel free to let it all out if you need! :) Nothing like that first trimester to render a woman mad! Hope things look good tomorrow.

Renee~ Beautiful picture of your little guy! Isn't it neat how they already seem to have so much personality. :) You're almost there, bet you can't wait to meet them.

Karin~ Glad to hear all is well! I've gained 5lbs so far, but that just happened, and I for some reason am huge. It's better to have gained more before the 20 week mark, but it's been a struggle for me. Yay for feeling the babies move! :) Such an awesome feeling. Doing a remodel in your house while pregnant...Wow, you are brave!

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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by baby_blu73 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:37 pm

Ryann - YAY!!! How exciting about your boy/girl twins! Congrats! :D

Lou - When I put in my conception date, it says girl. But when I put in my due date, it says boy. So based on my due date, it's right. :D

Leora - I know it's easier said than done, but stay positive, babe. I'm very much so the "expect the worst, hope for the best" type of person, too, so I definitely understand where you're coming from. After everything you've been through, you deserve to be excited. I just know your u/s tomorrow is going to great! What time can we expect to see your good news posted? The time change is just too confusing for me... :lol: Hang in there! :D

JustlikeHannah - Your son is soooooo adorable! I can't wait to see his newborn pic so we can compare the u/s to real life! :D

afm - I had a scary episode of BHs last night. After having a couple that seemed awfully close together, I started watching the clock. I counted 4 big ones in an hour! They were getting painful too. Like, sharp pain real low on the right side and they were even traveling around into my back. I was thisclose to calling L&D. Last time, they had me drink 64 oz in an hour and get off my feet. So, I did that even though I knew I wasn't dehydrated. Thank goodness, they slowed down to about one an hour. Right now I'm waiting to hear back from my OB's office... oh, and I called off of work today and tomorrow.
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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by mellow4 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:48 pm

Stephanie~ Be careful lady. I feel your pain as I did the same thing last night...mine eased after I got off my feel a little bit, but it still had me worried. Hopefully for the both of us, it's just an over active uterus. Take it easy. Looks like maybe your time working might be shorter if this keeps up. Sometimes a warm bath can help relax things too. Many years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, my midwife told me if none of the methods worked, to try drinking a small amount of wine and see if that helped relax things...I tried it once, but it scared me to drink anything so I had about 2 ounces, and it knocked me out! haha. It worked that time, but I never felt comfortable doing that again. :) Let us know what your OB says.

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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by riogirl71 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:52 pm

lou71 wrote:Just for fun!

Try the Chinese Gender Predictor and let's see how many are right. This particular one converts your age and date of conception to the Chinese Lunar Calendar which is required to use the chart. If you already know your childs gender, I'm dying to know if this is right.

Try it and post your results, I'll see if I can make a list and see how accurate it is. Maybe there's something to it if it's much more than 50% right! I guess it will be right for those of you having B/G twins anyway... haha.

For me, it says GIRL But I clearly won't know if that is right for a while. I did try it for my last pregnancy which ended in m/c and it said BOY, which is correct because I had genetic testing done on the fetus.
Said Boy for me, we are having a girl!

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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by riogirl71 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:54 pm




12th Baby_blu ImageImage
19th DeidrajImage
23rd Gina ImageImage
29th Happy Bunny Image
29th Wanababy ImageImage


1st Klinger Image
5th Dandme Image
5th Freckles Image
19th Karen Image BOY?
30th Riogirl71 Image Image


8th Mellow4 Image Image
8th Karin1ImageImage
17th Anacris Image
22nd RypellImage Image
22nd HopinginNCImage
25th AnnashopeImage
27th Easley4 ImageImage


4th KrcajaImage
6th KarianImage
14th LouImage
20th Osi ImageImage

21st Hope is all I haveImage
30th SDTryingImage

3rd crissyloveImage
8th LeoraImage

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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by riogirl71 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:58 pm

Anacris - welcome back!

Justsolost - i am so very sorry, huge hugs

Lou - have fun at your concert!

SDtrying - congrats on a gorgeous HB! It will pick up!

Klinger - hope you can get rid of your skin issues! how annoying :(

mellow - how are your girls treating you?

Stephanie - what does your OB say about it?

Leora - you will be fine and happy and I can't wait to hear your good news, symptoms come and go!

Justlikehannah - great pic!

karin - great to see you back

Have an OB appt today need to ask him about the chord being offset on the placenta, hopefully that will be fine and baby can grow fine, please send me some healthy baby prayers!!!
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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by LostGirl » Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:35 pm

Before that darned u/s I'm not sure I even knew the term blighted ovum. is that what it is when it's just a gestational sac, no heartbeat? Anyway, been weeping like a nutter. My son keeps trying to figure out what happened to his mama. I told him that my heart is broken and now he wants to kiss my heart and make it better. Which only makes me cry more!

Still, took day off from work yesterday and spent it reconnecting DH.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers ( I don't pray, but my mother does a lot of praying so she'd be thrilled to know there's a network of women out there throwing out good vibes.)

Sonya, how long did it take after your blighted ovums to miscarry or to get AF? I've been waiting but nothing. I'm scared to take their drugs to make it happen. Silly me I keep thinking what if they got it wrong. I'd rather it just happens naturally.

JustlikeH, you're on the homestretch now! Hang in there.

Stephanie, so sorry to hear about your BFF's sister's loss. I can't imagine what I'd do. I'm at a loss. And I'd only spent a month dreaming about this child.

all the best, sticky vibes all around ! lostgirl
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Re: Beautiful Babies Due in 2011 (Combined Group)

Post by rypell1985 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:25 pm

I just have a quick second and I want to share my photos! I saved them wrong, so ignore what the file name says! Here is my shy little girl!
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