Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.
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Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Post by bubblymichelle » Mon Nov 24, 2003 6:56 am

Hi Girls.<br><br>I hope Nina doesn't mind me posting I am sure she wouldn't and if you do Nina I am sorry.<br><br>Just to let you know that Nina has had her baby daughter weighing in at 4lbs. Both are doing fine, I was in shock because Nina's EDD was the 18th Jan.<br><br>I will let Nina fill you all in on everything, but just wanted to CONGRATULATE them on there birth of there precious daughter.<br><br>Love<br>Shell.<br>31wks 4d pg<br>xx


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Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Post by Jo Locker » Mon Nov 24, 2003 10:53 am

Congratulations Nina - well done - a lovely surprise, if a bit sooner than perhaps you'd have liked !! Can't wait to hear more news and lots of love to your little cherub, bless her. I'm sure she'll get stronger every day - you must be over the moon!!<br><br>Jo. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Post by Nikola » Mon Nov 24, 2003 2:45 pm

Congratulations Nina! I hope you are both doing ok and can be home soon.<br><br>love nikola.xx

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Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Post by Zed2003 » Tue Nov 25, 2003 9:51 am

Great news Nina, many congratulations to you and your family on this little miracle. I wish you all the very best, wow! what a Christmas you'll have this year!<br><br>Take care<br>Zoe xx
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Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Post by Wibbs1 » Tue Nov 25, 2003 9:14 pm

Congratulations.....on your early arrival hope you are both well, maybe she did not want to miss out on her Christmas pressy!!<br>Love<br>Wibbs<br>xx

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Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Post by alison p » Wed Nov 26, 2003 11:29 am

OOhh that is early!!! Mine's due on the 19th Jan (one day after Nina). <br><br>Glad to hear that all is well - I guess that the baby is still in hospital, or has she been allowed home yet?<br><br>Thanks for letting us know,<br><br>Alison

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Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Post by beckym » Wed Nov 26, 2003 7:34 pm

Wow Nina,you got your Xmas pressy early!! Hope you are both well and able to come home soon - bet your dh will go mad on Xmas decorations this year and you will be surrounded by relies doing an impersonation of the three wise men bearing gifts!! beckym xxx

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Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Post by NickyJ » Thu Nov 27, 2003 7:49 am

Michelle,<br><br>Thanks for letting us know.<br><br>Nina,<br>Congratulations and huge hug from our family. I know it is a joyful and stressful time (ours were 11 weeks early) so please make sure you take time to rest and build up your strength. I imagine you will be very familiar with the SCBU and will soon be an expert with changing nappies in incubators etc. Congrats again on becoming a Mummy and Daddy<br><br>Lots of love<br>Nicky

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Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Post by Dagny » Thu Nov 27, 2003 5:27 pm

Congratulations Nina<br><br>You and DH must be so happy well done. How does it feel to be a real Mummy? <br><br>Take care of yourself and your family<br><br>Love Dagny xx
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Nina has had her baby ** very early **

Post by GB » Wed Dec 10, 2003 1:35 pm

Congrats Nina and DH!<br>Take care.<br>Love<br>Gila.

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