Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by leorira11 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:15 pm

Katie - CONGRATS! She's beautiful. Enjoy her :D
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by WeHaveHope » Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:23 pm

Katie-congratulations. She is absolutely beautiful. May God watch over her bless your family always.

Lyd-so happy to hear that your LO is doing well. Keeping you in my prayers for your upcoming b/w.
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by Wishingandhoping » Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:22 pm

Katie- She is gorgeous!!!!

I had my fetal fibronectin test today, and unfortunately it was positive :cry: They say that a positive test doesn't mean too much, but I'm worried now. Next NST is Monday unless something changes. Just praying and keeping my fingers crossed!
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by LYD10 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:51 pm

hi guys - i have a quick question. my OBGYN allowed me to stop PIO yesterday - at 10 weeks.
but i checked with my clinic and they said that tehy usually keep their patients on it till 11-12 weeks and then wean them off over a period of 5-7 days.

can you please share your experience with progesterone support? when did you stop it and was it abruptly or slowly?

i didnt do my PIO shot this morning and now am freaking out of course.

BTW, thank you again so much for your advice on 1st trimester bloods and vanishing twin. my doctor cancelled the bloods saying that i was correct and they will be meaningless. instead we are goingto rely on other tests - materniT21 and nucal plus QUAD later.
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by MamaBoo » Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:56 pm

During my last pregnancy, my RE took me off progesterone support at about 9 or 10 weeks and just had me stop cold turkey. I went on to have a beautiful baby boy. My first one had me on it till 12 weeks, but I had had episodes of bleeding. The day after I stopped taking it, I had bleeding that day too, but RE said it was unrelated and no need to start taking it again. RE was right, I had a SCH that resolved itself in about a week. I had a full term baby boy that time too. I think it's probably fine, mine was. :)
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by kbillsy » Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:03 pm

Katie - congrats!! And welcome baby Olivia! She is cute and looks very calm :) Enjoy this time and good luck with bringing her home tomorrow and court on Monday!

Wishingandhoping - sorry to hear about bedrest but hopefully that will get you a few more weeks. Did they seem concernd about the positive FFN test or were they somewhat expecting that based on the other things they came across Monday? Good luck - try not to stress too much!

ttcnb - yikes next week - are you ready for the boys to come? glad to hear they are not stressed - does the dr think the growth restriction is because of the size of your uterus or from something else? just out of curiousity, how tall are you? people keep telling me that since I am taller there should be more room for the babies in there - that makes sense but i don't really know that the size of the person corresponds to the size of the uterus. i'll be saying some prayers for you and your babies this week. good luck to you!!!

Moorebaby - those are great pix! I must admit that I have avoided the camera so far. I think other prego ladies are so cute but I'm not sure I will feel that way about myself - especially from what I have seen on the size of triplet mamas! Have you been feeling better this week? Try to take it easy!

LYD - my RE had me on the progesterone until 12 weeks - tapering gradually over the 11th and 12th week. I was doing the inserts though not injections - so I just went from inserting 3x a day, to 2x per day in the 11th week and then just once a day for the last week. Not sure how to modify the injections. Did they seem concerned that the OBGYN said to stop the progesterone?

AFM - I've been pretty sick on and off for the past few weeks and have had some killer headaches but have been getting by. I finally had my dr appt and U/S on Monday - everything is looking great! The hematoma has shrank considerably but is still there. Babies are all measuring a few days ahead of schedule somehow. I've only gained 2 pounds so far since I've been having issues keeping food down. Dr didn't seem too concerned though. I just can't wait for food to start looking good again! I don't go back again until 3/5 so it will be 4 weeks between appointments :( I'm hoping that maybe they will be able to tell genders at that next appt.

I'm starting to get a bit anxious about all of the stuff I need to get figured out and taken care of in our house to prep for 3 babies! I think I am going to tell work this week so that will be a relief. I think we are going to go minivan shopping this weekend and start test driving a few to see what we like - any suggestions? I probably also need to start thinking about registering - I've been reading up a bit on products but most of it is just in general, not for products specific to triplets (like strollers). I'm going to try to join into a local multiple moms group so I can get some advice from folks who have been through it... so much to think about!
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by sunshine.12 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:23 am

lyd - i reduced progesterone to 0.5 cc at 7w and stopped it completely before 8w and the level was fine when my re checked it at 9w and when my regular obgyn checked it at 10 weeks.

congrats to all new babies and their proud parents.

god bless everyone on this board..
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by fvrogers » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:54 am

Lyd - I stopped my PIO and vaginal progesterone at 9 wks. There was no gradual withdrawal and my Progesterone level was fine at 12 wks.
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by Happy Bunny » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:57 am

Lyd: I cut the progesterone from 1mL to 0.5mL from week 10 to 11 and then stopped. For my pregnancy with Brooke, I stopped the shots at 10 weeks and did the inserts until 11 weeks. This time, I didn't want to do the inserts because they are so messy and my doctor allowed me to stay on shots instead. I had no issues when I stopped for either pregnancy.

I'm glad to hear that you are skipping the first trimester blood work rather than do it and then worry about the weird results.
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by JenMink55 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:21 am

Hi Lyd!

I didn't go off PIO until 12 weeks per OB/RE. I was never tested for Progesterone levels during my first 12 weeks either which I thought was odd. At 12 weeks I didn't go cold turkey, I took a few more shots, then a few every other day. DH finally decided he wouldn't give them to me anymore thinking I was paranoid :mrgreen: Which I was lol

I have heard lots of different protocols in regards to PIO. I say if you are nervous just do it every other day for a few weeks. It can't hurt....

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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by ttcnb » Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:28 am

Hello Again:

Katie - Olivia is very very sweet!! Thanks for sharing her with us. How did Em do today meeting her new sis?

Kbillsy - They are all scheduled to be entering our world on Valentine's Day. I am not a big chocolate fan but I do love dipped strawberries and hope to have some that evening :oops: . I am actually 5'9" and I have not gained much weight but I didn't with my first either. I actually ended my first pregnancy much lighter that I started. As like you I lost a weight every week throughout that pregnancy. This time around I was pretty sick with nausea and food aversions so I could eat - protein has been the enemy. I subsidize it now with 2-3 protein shakes a day that have been able to get me 30g of protein each and actually doesn't taste like a real chocolate shake. Growth restrictions can affect anyone and I don't think height a real indicator. My peri just said it's hit or miss on this and it's just how my body/uterus handles all of this growth. We are just not made to carry this many :wink: .

Lyd- I had PIO shots until 10 weeks with my first DS and was stopped cold turkey. With this triplet pregnancy the peri kept me on it until 12 weeks and then pulled me off cold turkey. I was fine both times and most studies have been done to support the use for singleton pregnancy and really show the benefits there. There has not been any studies that show going longer is better for either singleton or multiples but going a couple extra weeks didn't seem to hurt and she was trying to cover all bases because of the multiple factor with me. Hope that helps a little.
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by katieb1231 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:52 am

Thank You ladies for all your well wishes....we are just amazed by her and can't believe the love & joy coming from Emilee when they are together....we bring her home in the morning and we don't even think we can sleep tonight!

ttcnb/kbillsy...my triplet mama's sounds like you are both doing very well....I think ttcnb you are getting closer aren't you? Kbillsy will you have a gender scan?

Lyd...for what it's worth every time I was pregnant I was scheduled to be on PIO until 11 weeks and no weaning just 11 weeks then cold turkey....I think as IVF/IF girls we are more hyper sensitive to everything but if your OB is saying your done there must be a reason for it and the reason must be that all your tests have come back just fine??

Wishing.....I know it is hard but if they say it doesn't mean much then maybe have faith in that and when they say it doesn't mean much it doesn't. I have faith & am praying for each and every one of us....I had so little faith in my own situation & here I am staring at my own new precious miracle...it can & will be OK....

We....Thanks I can always count on you for a sweet prayer & positive thoughts for me....Happy to see your ticker, ticking away :-)

Leorira...Thank you so much for chiming in.....babies did not come to me the way I thought I wanted but I am a mommy and that is what I wanted & I know you & I want the same things and this journey has taught me one thing....we will get what we want! You will be a mommy and have your rainbow take home baby for sure.....you are a strong amazing soul & I wish I had you in my life in the flesh since you would be the strength that I literally don't have on any given day....be strong, sweet & perfect as you are...oxox

Deft...Thanks Chica and congrats to you too....we should start a pregnant after 2012 thread......

Bliss....perfect little girls for us...I am elated as I am sure you are as well.....I feel so complete and content what a great feeling to have....

Fvogers....Thanks girl...you are next :-)

I actually don't know how I would have made it thought this journey without you all.......thank you so much for your support.....oxoxox, Kt & fam......
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by bodie1011 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:42 pm

Lyd - I stopped at 10 weeks, but I was doing inserts. My RE did not tell me to, but I weaned myself off a few days before. They were irritating me and causing spotting the whole time, so I was more than ready to wean myself down and stop and 10 weeks.
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by moorebaby » Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:30 pm

Katie- Congratulations on baby Olivia! She is absolutely beautiful! How has the transition from 1 child to 2 been?

ttcnb- Did I read that right...V-Day? Wow! That's just a few days away & what a special present! I will be thinking of you!

sunshine12- Great to hear from you! How are you feeling?

kbillsy- Oh you poor thing...hope you feel better soon! I remember the headaches...ugh, they are the worst! But, they should be subsiding soon, hopefully! I'll talk to my SIL, who has 8-year old triplet boys & ask her for suggestions for you. I know they didn't have a stroller for triplets...too big & pricey. They had a double one & single one. She had 2 infant carriers. When she's go to to the store, she'd put 1 on her back, 1 on her front, & leave 1 in a car seat & put it in the cart. She got stares big-time, lol! But, it was the only way she could manage everything. I know she had bouncy seats & swings, but I don't remember how many of each. I will find out for you.

Lydia- If I remember correctly, my RE had me stop progesterone when I was 10 weeks b/c it was right around the time I graduated to an OB. How are you doing?

Wishingandhoping- How are you holding up?

Mora- How's Grady doing? You must be over the moon w/ your 2 little men.

Alisa- Wow, Evie is over a month already?! Where does the time go?

lomgtimerivf- Sorry, you're still in bed, but I love your positive attitude!

anton- Oh thank you sweetie!

Felicia- Love the bump! Samuel is a great name & I love that it has history! So sweet about how DH reacted to finding out it's a boy. Wow...a year off! That will be so nice to spend some time w/ your family in the Virgin Islands! Read the AFM section below about anemia.

Sunshine1576- Thank you so much! We are extremely happy & I know you & your DH will be there really soon!

Maria- I'm so happy to have you officially over here! I added you to the list. How are you feeling?

AFM- So, I had an u/s on Tuesday. They are both measuring 2lbs 1oz. I also had my 1 hour GD test, which I passed. However, I was told I'm slighty anemic, which is expected w/ twins. So, now they have me on iron pills. I just sent DH out to get plum juice, lol! My mom, who works at Marshalls, got us a Bright Starts pack-n-pay for $45! We originally had a Gracco pack-n-play for twins on the registry, but my mom made a good point. What if 1 is crying & the other wants to sleep? She thought it would make more sense to get 2 separate ones. Unfortunately, there was only 1 in her store. So, we put another 1 on the registry & took off the Gracco double 1 & it was already purchased by my friend's mom. Amazon is 1 of my registries & when someone makes a purchase, it shows the name of the person, so I can see it. It does that so it's easier to put a thank-you list together. So anyways, we now have 1 pack-n-play set up in our house & another 1 that I'll get at the shower. I also have a story about the car seats. We decided to go w/ the Baby Trend double snap-n-go & the Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller (Sonic, which is the model). For the car seats, we decided to go w/ the same brand...Baby Trend Flex Loc (also in Sonic) to match everything. Well, my cousin's wife calls me last night to tell me that BRU (my other registry) has it listed as out of stock for shipping & unavailable at any stores. So, I checked if Amazon had them & it said out of stock also. I did a search for recalls & came up w/ nothing. I ended up calling BRU & was told that the Sonic model was being discontinued. It wouldn't be a big deal if someone hadn't already bought the Sonic Double Stroller (I saw on my BRU registry that it was already bought). Anyways, I did a major search by calling different BRUs & finally ended up finding them at a BRU about 40 minutes away. My dad ended up getting them for us b/c he was actually close that area on his way home from work. So, we now have the car seats! I'm getting so excited for my good friend's shower tomorrow! She's exactly 5 weeks ahead of me! Our babies are going to be BFFs, lol! My shower is 3 weeks from tomorrow...wow!!! Then, the following weekend after my shower, we'll be going to IKEA for all the nursery furniture & decorations! It's getting close & I'm feeling excited, anxious, nervous, happy! Tonight, DH & I are going to see The Vow for our V-Day date & maybe getting something to eat.
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Re: Special Delivery 2012!!! Is your EDD 2012? Join us here.

Post by moorebaby » Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:38 pm

Welcome to our forum for parents expecting in 2012. We decided to expand our Due in Winter 2012 board to include more ladies, many of whom we have cycled with in the past and end up stalking anyway!

Please feel free to join us and share your journey. If you would like to be added to the list just post your estimated due date and I will add it next week. I am hoping lots of ladies join and keep me very busy! We're looking forward to a great year with lots of healthy babies!




Blaqdymun- Due 1/4
Addy- Due 1/6 Welcome Matthew Patrick! 1/1/12...the first baby of the new year!
Sweetpea614 (Kat)- Due 1/8 Welcome Lucas!
Yingz- Due 1/9 Welcome Chloe Chu- born on January 16th!
DCRunningMama-Due 1/11
Red_Riding_Hood- Due 1/12 Image
Smoon0021 - Due 1/14 Welcome Kailey! 1/3/12
Dallas-Welcome Ethan Finn and Avery Lynn!
BlissfulCS (Alisa)- Due 1/27 Welcome Evelyn Gail!
Nwquiz- Congratulations on your new family member!


Deftonesmo (Mora)- Due 2/2Image Welcome Grady John- born on January 24th!
NancyB- 2/15
Augustrain- expecting twins on 2/8!
Hopingforamiracle Image
Katieb1231- Due 2/14 Image Welcome Olivia Wolfe- born on February 7th!


Easley4- Due 3/14 Image
Dreams2009- Due 3/7

longtimerivf- Due 3/23


Wishingandhoping- expecting twins on 4/7Image AND Image
Dogzrule- Due 4/11Image
ttcnb- Triplets! Due 4/9
Prayersnpies- Due 4/19


Nicksgam due 5/2
Moorebaby (Ester)- twins due 5/10 (will likely be April!) Image AND Image

fvrogers (Felicia)- due 6/8 Image
Tuffy4u- twins due 6/11 (but likely to go by 5/20) Image AND Image
Bodie1011- Due 6/24 but won't go past 6/10 with twins girls!!!Image AND Image

JenMink- due 7/17
HappyBunny (Barbara)- due 7/31
Dragondad76- expecting TWINS in late July
Mcfarland2213- due 7/9
Alexis- Due 7/31 and expecting TWINS!
Kbillsy- Due with TRIPLETS sometime in July
Alexis- due July 31st and expecting twins!


Bonnieucwv- EDD TBD

Lydia- due September 5th
WeHaveHope (Maria)- twins due September 16th (will likely be August)



For those of you who just found out you're having a LO (or 2 or 3), have you announced your news yet? If so how did you do it and how did it go? If not, what are your plans?

How is everyone's DH (or DW) handling the expected arrival? Have you seen a change in them?
ME: 32
DH: 38 (Severe MF)

IVF 1: BFP...M/C
IVF 2-5: BFN
IVF 6: BFP...it's twins!!

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