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Pregnant with Twins at 41...

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Pregnant with Twins at 41...

Postby momwanttobe » Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:33 pm

DH and I found on that we are pregnant with twins. Needless to say we are in shock because we truly believed there was only 1 little bean in there. One minute I feel on top of the world and know that I can get through this pregnancy and the next minute I am having a panick attack and think my God what have I done. I know that anything could happen at anytime and not just to someone pregnant with twins there are risks with any pregnancy. I so need to hear some positive stories from moms who got pregnant with twins and were over 40 and both babies were healthy.

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Re: Pregnant with Twins at 41...

Postby Reenie100 » Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:12 pm

Hi momwanttobe-I can certainly understand your anxiety. I had it too. I just gave birth to twins with donor eggs-one boy and one girl- about 5 months ago, at age 41. I was nervous when I found out we were having twins. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised as we had transferred 3 high-quality embryos, so it was always a possibility. Looking back now, my anxiety was unnecessary, as everything turned out fine.

Throughout the pregnancy, there was never any problem with either baby. All genetic tests came back good, they always passed their non-stress tests with no problems, and their growth scans were always good. I developed pre-eclampsia around the 31st week and they were born early during week 35 since my condition worsened. Nevertheless, the delivery (c-section) was uneventful, their APGAR scores were high, at 9, both were healthy and they didn't have to spend any time in the NICU. My son has reflux that is now under control and my daughter is fine. The only issue we have is that, because they were born early, they have to have physical therapy to get them caught up, strength-wise, to other babies their age. However, it's nothing serious. They are happy, smiling and are just starting to laugh. We had to supplement my nursing with formula to make sure that their weight gain was good and that was also fine.

Just make sure that your OB follows you closely and pester the nurses with any questions, no matter how silly they might seem. Once you start to feel them move frequently, make sure you can feel each move regularly-although it might be difficult to tell who's doing the kicking!

My practice's nurses were always responsive and answered any questions I had. My OB always erred on the side of caution because of my age and the fact that I was carrying twins. I had frequent appointments and my MFM doctor monitored me closely with non-stress tests. Once I developed pre-eclampsia, they monitored the babies even more and there was never any problem with them, only with me and the pre-eclampsia went away once they were born. My recovery from the C-section was fine and I was back in the gym working out within 7 weeks of delivery.

Hope this helps. As hard as it will be, try to have some moments of positive thoughts. I'm sure everything will turn out fine.
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Re: Pregnant with Twins at 41...

Postby wishfull27 » Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:09 am

first of all huge congratulations on your miracle BFP :lol: :lol:

I got my BFP with twins on cycle 4 - second with donor eggs at the age of 40 and 3/4 !!! I had a totally uneventful pregnancy thankfully and cos my boys were so comfy I had to be induced at 38 weeks 1 day - the induction was ok and 6 hours after first pessary I was 8cm dilated - had an epidural as planned to deliver naturally as my doc said no medical reason to have a c section - I was taken to theatre to deliver as all the delivery rooms are too small for twins and the associated extra bits needed .. got fully dilated then my gorgeous little Benjamin who was head down decided it was lla little too much effort and tipped his head back - no way he was comning out naturally - I ended up having a c section - not an emergency one though as neither boys were in distress and i even got to choose music to be cut open to !!!! Both boys were perfect no NICU time - one was 7lb 9oz and the other 6lb 13oz - they are now very lively 18 month olds!

The hardest bit was the sleep deprivation as I exclusively breastfed for the first month and even with pumping I just felt like a milk machine. C section recovery was no where near as bad as expected - just get as much support and help as you can initially

Anxiety is normal !! good luck and feel free to PM me if you ahve any questions!!

Good luick twin mamma xxxx
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Re: Pregnant with Twins at 41...

Postby margi26 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:21 am

You already "know" me...but I will add my post here as well in case someone else is reading as well. :wink:

I am way older at 44 now. And miraculously these were conceived with my own eggs.

So far these two LO's have been very healthy. I feel very blessed. I am now nearly 26 weeks along, and although I have had some difficulty related to a SCH (subchorionic hematoma) that is not age related and could have happened to anyone.

You can do it!!!! :D :D

Will it be easy? I don't think carrying twins or caring for twins is "easy" for any woman of any age. But if you have a loving and helpful partner (that would help) and I think it will be the most rewarding experience.
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