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Pregnancy Questions

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

Pregnancy Questions

Postby Linda Albert » Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:09 am

We are maintaining a pregnancy community in India, here we are around 350 members in our community…

We have posted the questions in online but we did not get proper answers… I will include some of questions from those..please give your suggestions…

1) Questioned by Pari:

2 Weeks Late, Could I Be Pregnant?

Okay, so i get my period every 19th its sometimes late but no more than 2 days,and its the 6th, im little over 2 weeks late, i don't want to scare myself with thinking im 2 weeks pregnant, but i haven'tt had any pre- cramps, or anyspottingg, or blood, just clear discharge. i was gonna get a prego test from the dollar store, but i don't know if i should trust it. Please Help ?

2) Questioned by Ani:

3 weeks pregnant an cramps just stop?? ?

Im 3 weeks pregnant and I was having terrible cramps that my doctor told me was normal. Yesterday they were worse than usual and today they have just disappeared. I havnt had any bleeding. Is this normal? Im seeing my doctor tomorrow but just thought id see if any other women have experienced this.

3) Questioned by Tan:

Brown spotting 4 weeks pregnant?

Im 4 weeks pregnant and i started to have brown spotting last night and when I woke this morning there was still spots and also when I wipe is this normal? If so how long does this last I am having cramps but the doctor said that was normal to have cramps please help I don't want to have a miscarriage.

4) Questioned by Pammy:

Cramps at 5 weeks pregnancy?

Hey, I found out 3 days ago I am about 5 weeks pregnant. Before i knew i was pregnant I was having menstural like cramps (stabbing and dull pains) all over my stomach and also slight pains in my lower back. No bleeding.
I went to the bathroom before and noticed thick white mucus on my underwear but it was coming from my bottom.
I have been nauseous and really tired besides the cramps which are on and off all day.

Anyone have any advice?
Linda Albert
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