Weight Gain with Twins?

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Re: Weight Gain with Twins?

Post by kerpupples » Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:29 pm

Thanks tuffy! Now I'm almost 11 weeks and am up 11 pounds, so I have plateaued a little. I gained 25 with DD and lost that within...3 weeks. So I'm hoping the additional breastfeeding demands of twins will help me lose the twin weight in a similar fashion. Ideally 20 pounds more as well! :) I'm thinking my gain will be around 45 pounds as well. I think you can hit your new goal. The multiples book says that you start drawing on your fat reserves towards the end. Are you finding it harding eating very much at one sitting yet?
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Re: Weight Gain with Twins?

Post by alexis » Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:44 am

Hi gals!
I'm 15 weeks with my twins and have gained about 12 lbs. It makes me feel so much better to read that our gain seems very similar! I gained SO much weight with my son and I am not an overweight person (almost 60 lbs), so you can imagine how nervous I am about weight gain with twins this time! I am trying to be more careful about my eating choices, so I'm hoping that will pay off. I had gained 10 lbs in the first trimester with my son, so I think I'm ok with 12 lbs at 15 weeks with twins. I gain a ton of water weight at the end, so of course I'm nervous about that!
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Re: Weight Gain with Twins?

Post by tuffy4u » Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:19 am

Kerpupples, I am not having trouble eating at one sitting yet but I find myself eating alot at night when I can't sleep. My 2yo wakes up at 2am every night to go potty and then I can never get back to sleep! I'm 26 weeks now and have another appointment on Friday. Major problem now if lower back pain. Yuck, exercise makes it better but I don't want to exercise when it hurts so bad. It's a vicious cycle. We'll see how that goes. Alexis, good luck with your journey!
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