The Best of Christmas WIshes

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.
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Jo Locker
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The Best of Christmas WIshes

Post by Jo Locker » Tue Dec 23, 2003 12:11 pm

.... to us all. I know some of us have had very very hard times and continue to have. Lets hope and pray for the best Christmases we can muster in our varying circumstances (had a bit of a nasty time myself recently, nothing to do with the baby, she's fine).<br><br>Literally could not have got through this year without you and I think I probably speak for all of us. Cant wait to catch up with everyone soon.<br><br>Lots of Love - I hope we all find at least a little peace and christmas feeling. Jo. XXXX


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The Best of Christmas WIshes

Post by SallyP » Tue Dec 23, 2003 12:41 pm

Hi Jo - hope you're OK, and what a lovely post.<br><br>I definitely think that everyone on this site is so courageous and strong - some miracles, some tragedies but I think it's the love and support of everyone on this site who keeps us all going, and most of us don't have friends or family in the same boat (whatever boat we might be in!) so I definitely agree that I couldn't have got so far without everyone on this site.<br><br>Merry Christmas to everyone!<br>Lots of love Sally xxx
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The Best of Christmas WIshes

Post by bubblymichelle » Tue Dec 23, 2003 1:03 pm

Hi Jo & Sally,<br><br>Jo your exactly right in what your saying, I dread to think where I would of been without this site. We have our good times and we have our bad times but we are always here for each other. It's nice to think we can all be here for each other and I hope and pray for those who are not blessed with there miracles that your dreams come true. For those who are pg I hope all goes well!! Love to each and everyone of you.<br><br>Love<br>Shell.<br>35wks 5d pg<br>xx

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The Best of Christmas WIshes

Post by Wibbs1 » Wed Dec 24, 2003 6:48 pm

Merry Christmas to all of us, we have been through some good times and bad times, but we have each other, for those with bumps all the beast and take care of them over this festive season. Those who are still awaiting their miracles your turn will come just have lots of PMA and Hope, we will all be here for you all as you have for us.<br><br>so Merry Christmas and Happy Newyear may 2004 bring us all good luck.<br><br>Lots of Love<br>Wibbs<br>xxxxxxxxxx

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The Best of Christmas WIshes

Post by JackieT » Wed Dec 24, 2003 10:50 pm

hi gang<br>sorry have been misssing , but i have totally been run of my feet, and really feeling it tonight.<br> we are just all getting ready to go to midnight mass , and then i am going to have a glass of champagne,{dr says, this is the best alcholol to drink while preggie,}<br>just to give you all a little good news, result of cvs.... brill.. and to be a little girl.. does anyone know if that would be definite???<br>just to say happy christmas to everyone and to totally back up all the other words that i totally agree with everyone, thank you all for all the support and friendship you have given and no doubt will continue.<br>hope santa brings lots of lovely goodies, God bless all.<br>speak soon <br>love jackie xxx

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The Best of Christmas WIshes

Post by GB » Thu Dec 25, 2003 10:31 am

Hi all!<br>Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and only good things for the new year!<br>Take care and look after yourselves at whatever stage you are at!<br>Lots of luv<br>Gila<br>x-x-x

Tracey S
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The Best of Christmas WIshes

Post by Tracey S » Fri Dec 26, 2003 9:34 am

Jo<br><br>hope you are ok and had a fabby christmas.<br>Jackie - fab news and will be def about the girl - can't go wrong there with that test - only can go wrong if done via sight as bits can look the same - ooooooooo er!<br>Shell - still crossing your legs I hope<br>Champers all round then except I keep puking<br>Love<br>Tracey<br>xxx
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