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Pregnant while on Lupron-nervous

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Pregnant while on Lupron-nervous

Postby misangels3 » Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:15 pm

I posted this on the ivf message board too. Anyone else experienced this or know someone who found out they were pregnant while taking Lupron? I went in on cycle day 19 to start my first FET. They start me on Lupron day 21 but they only had openings for appointment on day 19 of my cycle. I had ultrasound, progesterone test, and pregnancy test. Dr. said ultrasound showed no follicles that were mature on day 19 and that I must not have ovulated this cycle. Pregnancy test came back negative and progesterone was really low which he says shows I didn't ovulate this cycle. So he put me on Norethindrone 7 days to speed up process of menstruation and started me on lupron on day 21. I expressed my concerns to Dr. that I usually ovulate later in my cycles and had mentioned that during my prior IVF and he said he would be able to tell if I am pregnant or not by day 21. Soooo....on day 14 of taking Lupron (20 unit daily) I didn't get my period. I called the office they said it is normal so I went in for U/S and blood test for estrogen level and to measure thickness of lining. U/S showed 6mm lining Dr. said lining "ok" and that I had cyst on my Right ovary. Blood test came back high estrogen so they had to run pregnancy test and it came back hcg 278......OMG......Now I am totally scared. I have been on those drugs. They did not tell us to use protection or put me on BCP month prior. AFter my u/s on day 19 I said so now we have to use protection as I am starting LUpron. Nurse says yes from now on use form of birth control. We did, but the day before the u/s on day 19 we had intercourse we were not told not to and we assumed as the Dr. had assured us he would be able to tell if we were pregnant or not before giving lupron. Well the sperm must have been waiting adn I must have ovulated after the u/s within 2 days or so. They said my hcg puts me at 4 weeks along which would mean I ovulated that same day that the ultrasound was done. Also the cyst they saw was the corpus luteum on my right ovary supplying pregnancy. Weird cause they found my tube is blocked on the right side. I have severe endo and my husband low sperm motility. TTC 2.5 yrs with miscarriages. Help....please....I have read all literature on Lupron birth defects or lack of literature on lupron and pregnancy obviously...
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