Anyone know about MTHFR test?

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Anyone know about MTHFR test?

Post by Alwaysangel » Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:45 pm

This test was done with RE during the rpl work up. I was told at the time everything was normal. But tried lovonox or shits and giggles to see if maybe i have a clotting do that they do not test for. When I seen re ( for the last time) 2 weeks or so ago he mentioned wanting to add an additional supplement of folic acid due to MTHFR. I was confused but I think that I was so consumed with being released to OB, I lost sight of what he was talking about. Looking at the paperwork re gave me to give OB had the rpl work up results but I merely glanced at it since nothing came out of the testing plus I have not been feeling the best. So this week I went to OB and she is sending me to specialst to see if the mthfr results are benefiting my being on lovenox, how long I need to be on and what else if anything I need to do. So now this is making me nervous. The information on the results is not the exact from the lab but a sheet with all tests done and results.

Results Normal range
Mthfr. Homozygous. Heterozygous with 677c>t allele do not have an increased risk of vascular disease

What the hell does this mean?????

Lovenox for 40 weeks???? OMG!!!!
Me: 31 DH:44 vast/chemo
9/10-severe ohss then mc 6w
3/11-barely bfp then bfn
New re
7/11-mc 6w
7/12- we have a heartbeat!!!!!

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