2WW symptoms?

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2WW symptoms?

Post by jenhu77 » Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:09 am

Hi everyone!

This is my first post and first IVF forum I have joined. I wish I joined much earlier for this wonderful support I see everyone receiving. I am attending an IVF support group once a month if I don't have to work. I love all the women there and I receive so much information bout IVF 101, nutrition, therapy for couples going through IVF and keeping the relationship sane for this tough time in our lives, etc. I'm 36 yrs old. I was pregnant naturally once back in 2005 but miscarried at 6 weeks. We never tried again until the last 2 years.

One thing I haven't really talked about is what symptoms has anyone experienced during the 2WW? My first IVF cycle was in Feb 2013 and was canceled d/t the medications not stimulating me, the 2nd IVF cycle was in Aug, 2013 and I had 3 embryos but only 2 were transferred fresh and no babies :-( Now I just did my 3rd IVF cycle started in Nov 2013 which had 3 embryos again but they were frozen to allow my progesterone to come down naturally. I had all 3 embryos implanted on 2-14-2014 of all days...LOL! Mon 2-24-14 is the day I find out if I'm pregnant.

My 2nd IVF cycle, I had the sore boobs, a tan thick discharge 2 days after transfer and I noticed and change in my sense of smell. Then all of a sudden all symptoms went away. I found out not pregnant. This 2nd time around I had the sore boobs right away, no tan thick discharge and I think a change in my sense of smell again, but my smell seems back to normal now, my boobs are not as sore as they first were and now I notice I'm hiccuping and belching every so often. I don't remember the hiccups and belching before. I also think I was urinating more but that also seemed to subside. I know everyone knows how difficult the 2WW can be, so I was wondering if someone can let me know any symptoms, if any, they have had during their 2WW? The nurses all tell me there are no symptoms and that everyone is different and I get that but I know my body and it is very sensitive. So its hard to believe I wouldn't have some sort of symptom.

Going nuts!! Please help!

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