The new colour for baby!!!!!!?????

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.
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Post by Dagny » Mon Jan 12, 2004 2:22 pm

Hi Shell

I am surprised you are still around too. I hope your back is ok today. Back pain is so awful I hope it gets better soon.

Take it easy

Love Dagny x :wink:


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Post by bubblymichelle » Mon Jan 12, 2004 2:41 pm

Hi Dagny

I am just full of surprises :lol: everyone is surprised I'm still here :lol: back pain is so bad still but I just have to try and carry on. I done some ironing and I was nearly in tears, but like I said to Lee I don't want the ironing to build up and up so that I have to stand there a couple of hours and do it, I'm just trying to fight the pain the best I can.

Hope your ok.



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Post by Sarah30 » Fri Jan 23, 2004 7:35 pm


Didn't read all of this so not sure if someone else has mentioned it. There's a Humphreys Corner website - you could look on there for info?? Might have an online shop?

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