adoption process

Discussion forum for those who had completed their IVF treatments without a successful outcome and are seeking other options such as adoption, surrogacy etc.
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adoption process

Post by Kate21 » Mon Feb 26, 2007 9:21 am


I am considering looking at adoption after 2 failed IVF's and 3 failed FET's. I honestly don't think I can go through anymore mental and physical torture and so want to start thinking about adoption. However, I have absolutely no idea where to start or how long the process takes etc!!

Can anyone give me any advice. Where should I start looking and who should I start talking to, what are the chances of adopting a baby (we are a mixed race couple, not sure if that increases or decreases our chances?). My DH already has children, will that affect our chances at all? What about adopting from another country (DH is from Trinidad and so we could look there), does the process differ from the UK?

Any help anyone can give me would be really useful.

Kate :D
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Post by Kat » Mon Feb 26, 2007 1:20 pm

I found the best way of getting info was to look on the internet - search under adoption agencies uk or similar

I don't have the names of the sites here with me but there was one with a really good message board similar to this one. When I get home I'll have a look for you. Try or as a starting point.

It is not as common nowadays for babies to be put up for adoption but from what I did find out when I was investigating adoption I think as a mixed race couple you would have a better chance of getting a young baby. I don't know how it would affect your chances if your DH has already got children - I suppose it depends if they live with you or not and how they would be with a baby as well as the needs of the child.

This is what I remember from some time ago so I may be wrong on some of this - I'll see what other info I can find later on

Good luck
Kat xx
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jill dickens
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Post by jill dickens » Tue Feb 27, 2007 11:11 am

Hi Kate,
You have already had some good idvice there. We have adopted a baby girl who was placed at just over a year and we know of plenty of couples who have been placed with under 2's so it can happen. Take care and write if you need any advice or help
Love Jill x
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