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Is there really a chance????

Discussion forum for those who had completed their IVF treatments without a successful outcome and are seeking other options such as adoption, surrogacy etc.

Is there really a chance????

Postby BigRuss » Mon Aug 13, 2007 12:32 pm


Ive resently found the girl of my dreams, but sadly a few yrs ago she had an ultra rare condition and had to have a hysterectomy. She was lucky enough to have had a little boy before the opperation, but we are now looking at ways for us to have a child of our own.

We are both 25.

We have looked at the option of surrogacy, and have been doing reseach also.............reading forums and message boards, we only seem to find people who have been unlucky with success, is this the norm???

My girlfriend went thro some much heartache having to have such a serious opperation at such a young age, she is incredably scared that if she gets her hopes up that it could all be for nothing

Are there others out there who have had to go thro the same????
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