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Looking into Embryo Adoption

Discussion forum for those who had completed their IVF treatments without a successful outcome and are seeking other options such as adoption, surrogacy etc.

Looking into Embryo Adoption

Postby lycase » Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:15 am

Hello all,

I am having a very hard time finding a place to talk because I am so much in limbo.

Since my failled IVF I have tried to see if there is any hope in conceiving ourselves again... at 44 the chances are becoming harder and harder... But since my sister 45 just had a healthy baby boy we decided to see what's going on.

We went to two clinics. The first one did all the tests on us and everything is fine... But since they wanted us to wait for another cycle (60 days) before doing anything to help we went for the other clinic which were our monitoring clinic when we did our IVF and I really liked them.

Well it turned out the doctor tried clomid and drugs without success... so brough on my period so it would not last so long. Next time we did only meds no clomid... no luck again.. Then I started wondering why I was on so many meds instead of just watching for my cycle and ovulation etc... anyhow on the third cycle the doctor was on hollidays so I had to wait another cycle and I though forget it...

So we went with the first clinic and so we did only clomid this cycle mid March. Yesterday I think I was ovulating and we did our baby dance so again we are hoping but probably for nothing... Anyhow... I read how acupuncture can help with regularity in cycles and decided to give it a try even though it is NOT covered by our insurance cause it is NOT done by a real MD... anyhow I went for my first session yesterday and since it was my ovulation day (I think) he did the Implentation Acupuncture needles... Although I don't thing acupuncture only once can help I think it can help after a few months... So even if its expensive I want to go with it cause its amazing... Actually its my husband who said not to worry about the money just go if I want to... and since I might get a big contract again I decided to give it a try.

Furthermore we are also considering "Embryo Adoption"... So I though if ever we go that route the acupuncture sessions will definitly help me that time in IVF (FET) treatment and cycle... My plan was to adopt a multiple of embryos like 10+ so when you thaw them and try it I might have enough for 2 trials giving the chance to one child to maybe have a sibling so later in life they don't feel so out of place and have a true sibing...

Finally since we cannot do the Home Study (because of the time frame, money and probably failling it) we decided to try and find an agency that doesn't require a home study and we found one... So I chose a donor with 11 embryos (all Blasto) and fillout out the paperwork and sent everything off to the agency in the hope of hearing from them soon. If it is negative we will just stay with them until we get accepted by one generous couple... When you need to do your own home study boy its a lot of work but you feel so exited to know that you are doing something in case conceiving in my old age is not possible.

My husband would prefer a donor egg cycle again but its just my religion that really bugs me about it. Catholics are NOT to use donor eggs... actually they don't really like Embryo Adoption either but the way I see it I would be giving these little ones a chance at life without having to create more lives... He would also prefer that the child belongs to at least one of us but really me it makes no difference since it would not be mine either way... The great thing about this is that we saw the twin boys she had with those embryos so we know what the child might look like that is way cool. I know there are little chance we might get accepted because of the children we already have but hopefully they will consider us and also think about their embryos who are already 10 years old and soon will not have much change at surviving...

So all this to say that I am trying everything to have another baby and if all that doesn't work I think I will try another DE Cycle because I am not ready to give up and with this new contract coming up maybe we will be able to afford it...

Thank you for reading my letter and I hope to hear from you soon.

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03/18/09 - 03/22/09 - Clomid with another clinic
04/03/09 - First Accupuncture Session - Implentation Protocole (was just amazing)

03/15/09 - Started paperwork for Embryo Adoption in case I never get pregnant again
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Re: Looking into Embryo Adoption

Postby zheng » Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:40 am

You are right and I agree with you too.Hope you happy!!


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