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Blighted Ovum

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Blighted Ovum

Postby cspat » Wed Dec 16, 2009 3:49 am

I recently received that phone call that we never wish to get. That morning my Dr. did a follow up on a concern he had at my first sonogram. I was supposed to measure 5wks 4days but instead measured 5wks. At the moment it didn't sound like a big difference but by the look on his face I could see the confidence wasn't there. That morning, he said it was still measuring behind and we would wait for the bloodwork. At 2:00pm he persoanlly called so I knew the call was bad news. He said, I am sorry but your pregnancy is not viable, your blood levels are not increasing they are starting to go down. I asked him if it was a blighted ovum and he said yes, did you have it before? I said no, I read about it. The thing that stinks is that morning he saw two sacs. What are the odds that out of two, the two were blighted? I suppose part of me is angry because my doctor tried selling me on the idea I should go for a full egg retrieval and see if I get better quality eggs before trying these two frozen ones I had from two years ago. My husband and I figured why would we pay years of storage and not use these? Mind the fact of why did we freeze them if he now thinks the quality isn't very good? That makes me mad! Now I feel like I spent all this time preparing myself with acup, chiro, massage to thicken my lining, which it did, to getting a positive pregnancy test, to seeing two sacs, to two blighted ovums that I am now waiting to miscarry. Just in time for the Holidays and in the middle of my finals. I am sorry, I am so angry. At the end of the day I have a beautiful two year old that I thank GOD for but I am so angry that the quality would have something to do with two blighted eggs that took to my lining.
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