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2 failed IVS, what's nextb

Discussion forum for those who had completed their IVF treatments without a successful outcome and are seeking other options such as adoption, surrogacy etc.

2 failed IVS, what's nextb

Postby Notski » Sat Jan 21, 2006 5:38 pm

Hi folks,
We are new here..It's great to know this forum.
We have been through 2 IVFs...both failed...the last IVF was only days ago...we had 3 grade A embryos transferred but they did not survive...we still have a frozen embryo...any suggestion on what we should do?
We started to loose our trust on IVF.... :x
How many times a woman can do IVF?
Any side effect of having multiple IVFs?
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Postby sally76 » Wed Feb 08, 2006 8:52 pm

Hi Notski

So sorry to hear of your very recent sad news. I also had 2 failed cycles and so I remember all too well, the despair felt. My gut reaction at the time was to have a third attempt, and how soon could we start? It was as if I had to throw myself into it again, to keep busy. The clinic in our case stopped us from trying again. All sorts of reasons. Left me devastated.

I think it's still very soon after, to be making any firm decisions as to how many attempts etc. You should maybe take some time to come to terms with your last two results. You have a glimmer of hope in that you have a frozen embryo. This should be discussed with your clinic as to your chances based on your last cycle.

Don't rush into anything, talk it through and take some time for yourselves. And most of all, don't give up hope. Your dreams can, and will come true one day, somehow.

Take care, thinking of you x
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Postby Notski » Thu Feb 09, 2006 2:44 pm

Thanks Sally!
You have lifted our spirit up!
Our doc has reccomended us to go with the frozen embryo.
As we do not want to miss any chance...we will try it..
Warmest regards,
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Postby tinaviju » Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:45 am

Hi Notski,
In His Time!
Viviaann Viju
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