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Why Babies Really Cry

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Why Babies Really Cry

Postby karven » Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:51 pm

Knowing why babies cry and what your babys cry means may help relieve some of the anxiety for a new parent. From the time you hear your babys first cry to the day your child begins talking to communicate you will be listening and trying to interpret exactly what you baby is trying to tell you when he or she cries.

At birth a newborn inhales deeply and offers up their first cry. That first cry is an important milestone. Not only does that first cry indicate that their tiny lungs are working but it infuses oxygen into their bodies. Their skin which was slightly blue turns pink. Oxygen flows to the brain, the blood and into all parts of their bodies.

Babies can not talk and for many weeks their bodies are adjusting to life outside the womb. In the first few days a baby will cry for no reason. During the next few weeks those cries will become very distinct.

The newborn may cry when it is startled. Newborns are not used to being able to move freely. They like the tight close feeling of the womb. A baby who misses the warm, constricted feeling will cry because it is uncomfortable. Wrapping your baby tightly in a thin blanket keeping their arms across their chest will help. This wrapping is called swaddling. Swaddling allows the baby to gradually adjust to life outside the womb and will decrease crying.

Another reason why babies cry is hunger. Even though a hunger cry will be different than any other, for a new parent it is often difficult to tell one cry from another. That is why providing a bottle or nipple is often the first thing you will do to try and get your babys crying to stop.

Babies may also cry when they are soiled, although newborns may not cry over soiled diapers as much as an older baby. Newborns are used to a watery environment unlike a baby of six months who has learned that a wet diaper is not comfortable. The cry of a soiled baby is irritated more so than frustrated or demanding. As your baby develops, you will learn your babys cry that means I am hungry and which cry means I am wet or Hold me.

Babies communicate through crying until they begin to verbalize. Even after verbalization begins, they will continue to use crying to communicate their needs and wants. An older baby will cry when they are tired. This cry is usually sporadic and at times may even be interrupted by smiles and laughter.

Not wanting to go to sleep is another reason why babies cry and some babies will use crying as a way to remain awake. It takes effort to cry. Babies learn very early that if they exert themselves they will not fall asleep. They inhale deeply then forcibly cry. Their skin may redden and occasionally their arms and legs shake slightly. While amusing at first this type of crying becomes frustrating quickly. It is a common way for babies to keep themselves awake.

Colic is a common and painful condition that is caused by an underdeveloped gastrointestinal tract. A baby with colic at times is inconsolable and will cry for hours. If you suspect that your babys cry is caused by colic, consult with your pediatrician some of the ways to help your baby.

When a baby is sick they will cry. Unlike a colic cry, a sick baby may have a feeble, weak, almost whimpering cry. They are usually warm to the touch and may perspire when they cry. Take the babys temperature and contact your physician if the baby has a temperature.

Teething will also cause babies to cry. Like a tired cry a teething cry is sporadic. Occasionally the child will try to stick their hands into their mouths while crying. Excessive drooling and a slight temperature may also accompany teething. Some babies develop a diaper rash just before teething. Some parents say that they know when their baby is teething when this rash appears. Providing cool or squishy items to chew on will help. Analgesic gels and preparations are also available for babies. These are placed on their gums and provide temporary relief. If your baby is eating finger foods, frozen peas are a great way to cool off those hot and painful gums.

Remember that every child is different. Crying is a babys way of communicating. Listen to your baby and you will soon learn what cry means I am hungry or I am tired. Before you know it your baby will be talking and walking and the days of wondering why babies cry will be over.

give your baby a toy, give the baby a happy.
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Re: Why Babies Really Cry

Postby johnbent » Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:27 am

Hi guys,I accept your post.Thanks for your valuable information.Really more interesting to read this post and i get more information about babies cry.Thanks a lot :D

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Re: Why Babies Really Cry

Postby worldlab » Thu Nov 26, 2015 5:47 am

so john?? would you like to tell us that why babies really cry?? what kind of information you have??
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Re: Why Babies Really Cry

Postby rahulkumar123 » Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:26 am

Thanks for your valuable information.
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Re: Why Babies Really Cry

Postby Nighyiun » Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:18 am

You can give us more examples of the issues raised.
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Re: Why Babies Really Cry

Postby harry56 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:19 am

Congratulations to stefanyross for your success.

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