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Twins lost

Forum for those who have lost their babies through miscarriage, neonatal or stillbirth.

Twins lost

Postby kellyeatc » Wed Apr 26, 2006 1:07 pm

My sister lost both of her twins one day before her due date because of Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome. It is a syndrome that basically feeds one twin and starves the other. Diagnosis is made within the first few months, however, my sister nor the babies showed any signs of this. They were progressing as they should right up to the last day.
She was forced to deliver them on Mothers Day 2002. I must say it was the hardest thing for any of us to go through. The outpouring of love and affection from the community and from our friends/family was amazing.
We all questioned the why, but tried to remain comforting and reassuring.
A year plus a day later, my sister gave birth to an amazingly beautiful girl(ok..maybe im a wee bit biased) Ava is almost 3 years old and speaks 2 languages, plus knows 100 words in sign language, is far above the average on all her peds tests and is the most intuitive little girl i have ever known. She knows when someone is sad and will just sit and hold their hand or sing them a song until a smile is seen.
And while it is still hard to visit the gravesite of my twin nephews, I am comforted each time I look at my niece because I know she is destined for greatness.

We suffered a loss but were rewarded with an amazing prize....

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