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How many had due date adjusted?

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How many had due date adjusted?

Postby cowgirlclass » Mon Apr 30, 2007 9:19 pm

I was wondering how many IVF patients get there due dates adjusted early in Pregnancy? I know a couple of the ladies in my summer group the doctor's adjusted their due dates based on early growth and that would normally be done in a regular pregnacy. But I was wonder how many woman had their due dates adjusted early on.

Take care everyone!
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Postby michelle_in_scotland » Tue May 01, 2007 12:29 am

I had my due date adjusted, but only very slightly.
After my pregnancy was confirmed i had my scan at the clinic at just over 7 weeks, the Dr there told me my due date was 17th May 2006.
I got released from the clinic and had my booking in appointment with the midwife at 10 weeks. I was then sent an appointment to have a check up with the head pediatrician (at least i think that's what he was, he was some head honcho anyways, lol) think i was about 12 weeks at that point and he done a scan, he was a very abrupt man and was adament my due date wasn't 17th. My hubby started to see red and tried to explain about the IVF dates etc but this Dr wasn't having any of it, he changed the dates on my pregnancy notes and wrote in 15th May 2006. It was only 2 days earlier but he was rather rude about it.
Anyways, from my experience due dates didn't really mean a thing. The baby will come when it's ready and my little girl Kady certainly wasn't ready to come on the 15th, or even the 17th.
I was booked in to have a sweep on the 22nd and even that didn't help her along. So on the 25th i was admitted to be induced, they done an internal and said i "looked favourable" and left me over night.
Nothing happened. At 9am on the 26th they broke my waters, by 10am nothing much was still happening so i got hooked up to a drip to bring on the contractions. They came hard and fast but by 10pm i was still only 5cm dilated and the baby's head was starting to pull so they said they would rather take me down for a c-section as they didn't expect me to progress very much any time soon. I agreed as i just wanted it over with, Kady was finally born at 11.11pm on the 26th May.

Don't worry too much about a due date, just use them as a guideline, like i said, the baby will come when it's ready ... well, usually they do, except my little Kady didn't want to come out no matter what they tried :lol:
Take care,
Lotsa love

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Postby JustinesBaby » Wed May 02, 2007 8:50 pm

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Postby PebblesUK » Thu May 03, 2007 6:54 am


Once I was transferred over to the midwives my due date was adjusted from 17 March to 15 March so not a lot in it. Unless the scan is over 5 days out, they go by your last period.

As it happened it our case it was completely irrelevant as Ellie came at 26 weeks!

Best of luck cowgirl, I see you've not that much longer to go. Enjoy the last few weeks of your bump!

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