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Need some advice!!!

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Need some advice!!!

Postby Faithinababy » Tue Aug 21, 2007 2:55 am

Hello ladies and gentlemen -

I am so happy to say that my hubby and I are finally going to have our very first little miracle. We tried with our very first IVF and became a BFP!!
I am now going to be 13 weeks this week. Tomorrow will be my normal pregnacy symptoms I get really tired, dizzy, etc. which I don't mind it's all worth it but it can be a little hard at work. Well I need some advice from all of you. I am a coordinator for a wireless company and things can be very difficult at times don't get me wrong I do enjoy my job but there have been a few changes my old boss had to leave the company to go with her husband who got a great promotion so we got a new boss. My old boss was very understanding and knew exactly what was going on with me this new boss knows whats going on too but is not very supportive. He kinda gets upset because I am in and out of the office for doctor appointments or because I just dont feel good to be there all day. He even told a co-worker that it frustrates him that I am in and out of the office and might not be productive for the company. When I found out that really bothered me and since then I see him a very different way. I feel that I don't have to tell him everything because it is a very personal matter but then it's my job too. I even talked to my doctor about it and asked him if stress can hurt my baby and my doctor said that this new boss is either gonna have to suck it in or fire me and he also said that my baby is more important than anything else even my job and feel that same way too. The thing is that I want to continue working to help my husband catch up with some bills and pay them off before the baby is born. My husband told me to stop working if I don't feel good there anymore and to be honest I do want to quit but I really need to help my husband. I have thought to work thru my pregnacy get my benefits and get my maternity leave in Feb-March still get my benefits then come back from maternity leave in April and give my 2 week notice. Who knows maybe the new guy will get tired of me and fire me before hand but I do know I have rights for being prego and he cannot fire me for that. What do you all think? Have any of you had to go thru this too? What did you all decide after you found out you were prego? I would also like to stay home with my baby after so many years of trying. I would hate to leave him or her in a daycare especially with all the things that are going on.

Please Help I really need some advice!!!!
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