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2 year olds

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2 year olds

Postby ogr1 » Sun Sep 16, 2007 2:34 am

how is everyine doing?

our grandaughter is doing pretty good. dh just built her a new bed, and then we went shopping and she picked out aa butterfly quilt for her new bed.

she jumps from it into ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she is 29 months old.. she is talking up a storm unless you want her to say something to someone.

she is or i am working on potty training. she well sit on the potty chair and then get up a pee next to it...

anyone adivse would be great
we werent blessed with our babies to raise here but we our blessed with our grandaughter
and all of our many adopted and foster children that touch our lives
and i am glad to add that our 6th grandchild will be born this spring!!!!
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