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BF'ing question

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BF'ing question

Postby rebeccaj » Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:31 pm

can anyone tell me what the "normal" time is per BF'ing session? my twin girls will be 8 weeks on monday and one of them will feed for up to 45 mintues. the other will de-latch after 20 - 30. in the day they want feeding every 2 - 3 hours. i'm not sure what is considered normal at this stage? would be great to hear from others so i can get some kind of comparison. thanks!
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Postby kholtan » Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:34 pm

Hey Rebecca~
My b/g twins are 9 months and still nursing so Ihope I can help you a little. One thing that I learned early and it really helped a ton is never let the baby nurse more than 30 minutes. The baby uses up so much energy nursing that long and usually falls asleep anyway. When I kept mine to under 30 minutes they both seemed to do so much better and just got faster at it every day. Mine were 6 weeks early but bfed from day one. If you need to nudge them a long a little try gently rubbing your index finger under their chin. It's a naturall sweet way to keep them awake and remind them of what they are doing.

Mine nursed about the same as yours for quite a while. So that was normal for me as well. I tried to keep it on the three hour schedule but not every day was perfect. I would say the daughter who is done in 20-30 minutes is the more efficient eater. I didn't suppliment either so mine was all boob. I use to try give them a pumped milk bottle at night w/ added calories but hated doing that and quit that at about 2 months.

Good luck and it sounds like you are doing great. The only other thing I did was tandem feed and that saved tons of time. You seem to be doing really well and should be very happy with yourself. So many women of twins have such a hard time with it. I was lucky and it sounds like you are too! Congrats!
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Postby rebeccaj » Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:51 pm

hi kimberly, thanks for your reply and for the 30 minute tip, i'm feeding now (sorry if thats tmi!) so will try it.... only thing is neither fall asleep during the feed - they just keep going! that's why i was a bit worried as to whether they are getting enough and whether to let them keep going. i hoped that if they fed for longer they would go longer inbetween but no such luck. they have put on over 4lbs since leaving the hospital so they are obviosly doing ok.... just would like to be a bit more confident and a little less tied to the house! i am tandem feeding now which is great - i use the ez2 pillow and its a god send - the only downside is that they fall asleep straight afterwards and i'm stuck for another hour or so as i don't want to wake them. should the feedings get quicker? my friend has a 4 month old and can feed in 10 minutes - can i expect this? i feel a bit uneducated on the whole topic. at night i am pumping and doing it by bottle to cut down on time - they take 4 fluid oz each and sleep for 3 - 5 hours which also makes me wonder if they are getting enough on the boob in the day.....worries worries!

thanks again and please keep the tips and advice coming as it is so much appreciated.

rebecca x
14th april 2008 - beautiful twin girls!!
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Postby Cocoa » Sun Jun 08, 2008 6:02 pm

Hey Girls!

Well, I found out what has been wrong with me! Yeast!! I wound up with the most horrendous (still have it) thrush infection of my tongue and lips!!! NOW I am bleeding from my right nipple and I am barely BFing AS IT IS!!! I am so upset!!! It has been one thing after another and I am just so frustrated - esp with you-know-what WC!!! I can't get them out of my life!!! Anyway, don't know if any of you have ever had real thrush but it feels like glass cutting up your tongue and lips and you bleed if you try to take the "yeast" off. It hurts so bad I cannot eat, drink, swallow... ahhhhh.... Doc said babies shouldn't get it unless their immune systems are compromised which I know they are not so thank God for that! I cannot imagine if a baby got this!

Ok, just needed to vent but has anyone bled from a nipple?

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Postby Vlada » Sun Jun 08, 2008 6:55 pm

I think that 45 min a little too long for BF, she is probably eating the first 20 to 30 min and the rest of the sucking is just for her comfort, not eating. Look closely if she is swallowing after 30 min because if she is not, then you can take her off the breast. Your girls put on quite a bit of weight, so they are probably getting plenty of milk :)
Cocoa, i didn't quite understand your post, who do you want out of the house? :shock:
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