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Very Gasy Baby!

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Very Gasy Baby!

Postby Aliann09 » Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:31 pm

Just wondering if anyone else has a very gasy baby. My DD is a wonderful baby and she would be even better if it were'nt for her little tummy bothering her. I know that gas is normal in babies but I think hers might be excessive and starting to wake her up from sleep. I BFed soley for the first week but DD was sleeping too much and not eating enough so I started pumping and mixing half formula half BM but my supply quickly dropped off and I have had to formula feed exclusively. I have had her on the Costco brand for the last 3 weeks again she is a good baby but so gasy that I think she could be so much happier. In talking with a girl in my office that has twins she used to feed Similac but she has had her girls on the Costco brand and one is doing great but the other has not done as well so she put her back on Similac her DD's symptoms are exactly like my DD's symtoms so I thought I would give the Similac a go and see what happens. Any of you moms that are formula feeding have you tried different brands and if so what have you noticed in your kids?
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Postby woodcliff » Sun Jun 22, 2008 4:30 am

Hi there! good to see your 'name' on the boards...how are you doing?

My boy is very gassy...and when he 'upped' his feedings per ounce, he had a harder time 'pooping' ... SO, when I called the Ped? He said to use Gentleease...
the catch is that I had a Similac brand called ALimentum (sp) ... that by accident a helper here fed my son....since my son was already on Similac, it was a normal error.
Made him poop!
So, I will switch to that.
My girl is on Neutrimogen...ick. smells like bacon and as expensive as caviar!
but she no longer 'spits' out in volumes...
I don't know anything about the Costco brands...
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