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How long to wait for # 2??

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Postby PMApsy » Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:14 pm

Hi there! I found the topic really interesting and I see you like stories so I thought I'd give you another one! ;) My father remarried and he had three children with his second wife. All three were born 2 years apart. I'm 11 years older than the oldest, so I babysat them all and I don't remember the house being a nightmare because the children were relatively close in age. On the contrary, they were able to play together, although the two years difference seemed like decades at certain development stages (they're not interested in the same games!). Now they're teenagers and sometimes their age brings them closer, or not. Being 15 is way different than being 17, which is really different compared to being 19! My best friend and her sister are very close in age and they fought and hurt each emotionally aaaaall their childhood and young adult period. So age isn't everything!

No matter what you choose, remember that there is no perfect time to have kids, or more kids! ;) Some people plan their first baby super carefully, wait until this or that happens in their life... and then it doesn't work as expected. Whatever you choose, if you feel good about your decision, then it's the right one for YOU! :) Congrats on your little boy and good luck with the next attempt!

Sending lots of baby dust your way,

Sophie :)
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