BUMPIN' 08 - Fall Mommies

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Re: BUMPIN' 08 - Fall Mommies

Post by riogirl71 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:02 pm

So glad to reconnect with my bump buddies!

Everything with us is going well, we passed all the genetic testing so that's a huge relief! We are having a GIRL! Being pregnant with a toddler is not a walk in the park! I don't know how Mellie and KatieG do it/did it! I am exhausted all the time and there is zero me time. But all worth it! Our boy is just doing incredible in every way. I work 35 hours a week so that gives me a little break but I know what you mean about child care! Plus we have our two dogs, more like two toddlers and they keep us busy!

CT- so glad to see you are back, I follow you on the IVF boards to see what is going on with you. Glad to see Ella is doing well, how is your shepherd? Still in the photo business?

Mellie - glad to hear Evie is like you and the twins are babling away. Part of me still gets bummed about not having our little twin anymore but I am happy we have a healthy baby. Scary how much money goes to child care, it will get better soon!

Katie - I follow you too but you have been quiet, hope those babies are staying put!

So glad to see us all here having/pregnant/or going to be pregnant with sibblings, I feel so blessed since so many girls are still trying for #1!

Great to hear from you!
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Re: BUMPIN' 08 - Fall Mommies

Post by CT_Michele » Sun Mar 13, 2011 6:59 pm

Hey girls!

So great to hear from everyone!

Mellie- I hear ya about childcare. It is really expensive. I think about if I have another (or maybe 2) how would we possibly afford it? But I am sure we will make do.

Rio- So glad your boy is doing well, and your pregnancy is going smoothly. Is he excited about having a baby sister? Our Shepherd is big, he really needs a bigger house, and when we get a bigger house, we can get him a playmate. He is bored. But he is a good boy (most of the time...lol) Yes, and we are still in the photo business. It has picked up alot, wedding season is starting. Our first big wedding this year is next weekend. (PROUD NEW AUNT ALERT) We did photos for my new baby niece a few weeks ago, isn't she just perfect?! Never knew I could love another child like my own so instantly!

Image Image Image
And one of Ella from the same shoot, modeling for a product shot:

I am still chugging along on lupron, just waiting for af. I will keep you updated, or find me on the april/may thread over on the ivf side. :D
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Re: BUMPIN' 08 - Fall Mommies

Post by esperanza » Sun May 01, 2011 5:35 am

Hi all,

I haven't been over here in a very long time. I am just procrastinating from writing a final paper and thought of the days when I had such a strong community of support in this site. I can't believe I've been away for so long. Anyway, I was happy to see Rio and Michele posting --hi!

Rio--so good to find out you are expecting #2, and a girl! yes. Congrats!!!

michele --you are going for # 2....sending you lots of love and great pregnancy vibes. :D

Hello and best wishes to the rest of the ladies.
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Re: BUMPIN' 08 - Fall Mommies

Post by Elle0805 » Sat Sep 10, 2011 9:52 pm

Hello ladies!

I have not been on here in FOREVER!! The girls just turned three!! We will probably be doing a frozen transfer with our two eggs next year some time. I am so nervous that it will be twins again or that they will not take. We can not afford another IVF cycle so if these frozen embryos do not work then the two girls is all we will be blessed with!

How is everyone doing with their babies? So nice to see so many of you on number two!

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Re: BUMPIN' 08 - Fall Mommies

Post by elles » Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:23 pm

hi to you all
my princess will be celebrating her 5th birthday on saturday13th April, a date that is memorable to me and my husband.
We are all looking forward to the party and the next day is my wedding anniversary.

to all of you who are still trying, my prayers are with you all

I am very happy to find a place where one can read and exchange views.I want to create freindship through email because I want other to help me in my pain to achieve my deam of getting pregnant.

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