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Postby Neffi211 » Wed Mar 11, 2009 5:49 pm

Has anyone had an infant with cow milk protein allergy? My almost 7 week old had diarreha for over a week so now the pediatrian thinks he may be allergic to this protein in his formula. She recommended that I switch to Similac Alimentum, which is like $280 a month for us to use! Not that I wont do that for my son, but I have heard that soy could work as well, so I am going to try that frist. I guess half of infants with this allergy are also allergic to soy. But I figure it's worth a try first. He is very fussy all of a sudden after he eats. He doesn't spit up that much, but more than he used to. So I thought it could be reflux also? I am so confused, and I just want to know what's wrong with him....any advice would help.
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Postby Warren Dew » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:42 am

I'd try the soy first too if I were in that situation.

There have also been reports that the DHA/ARA formulas cause diarrhea in some infants, so if those are what you've been using, you might try switching to the ones without DHA/ARA.

Yeah, I'm aware that there may be benefits to the DHA/ARA, but they aren't likely to be worth putting the baby at risk with constant diarrhea. Also, the DHA/ARA in the commercial formulas is different from the forms found in breast milk, so the benefits aren't as certain.
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Postby TwinMommy » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:26 pm

Neffi211: My kids have an allergy to it as well. I use Enfamil Nutramigen. It has helped a TON and I saw a difference in like a week I think. It also helped with their reflux. I will tell you, girl babies can not have soy because soy is not good for them and their reproduction and such. I am not sure about boys. DHA is needed for visual function and help there and is found in breastmilk. In fact, most babies who are allergic to cows' milk protein are also allergic to soy protein. So you never know. I do not know your financial situation, but WIC helps with buying formula for some people. I will tell you it is hard to buy $25 cans of formula, I have twins!! But good luck!
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