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Placenta Previa/low lying placenta?

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Placenta Previa/low lying placenta?

Postby cymplicity27 » Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:40 pm

Hi ladies. My name is Cynthia and I'm currently 12 wks pregnant with twins after IVF. I just experienced something horrible and wanted to see if any of you ladies had experienced this who went on to have healthy babies. I realize I could just be miscarrying but I'm just looking for a little hope :?

This morning around 4:30 a.m. I got out of bed to go pee and felt something wet between my legs. On my way to the bathroom I kinda reached under to feel my underwear and felt that whatever it was had completely soaked them! I was terrified to turn on the light...to my horror it was bright red blood! I sat on the toilet (TMI coming...) and as I urinated blood continued to flow heavily. Then I felt something "pass". Before this I had felt NO pain or cramping. Even as it passed I didn't feel any pain. So I'm standing there in shock looking at all the blood and just reached in to grab whatever came out of me. It was two blood clots, both about twice as big as a chicken liver with that same texture. That's when I started screaming for my husband. Once I gained my composure I sent him to get a zip lock bag so that I could take it with my to the emergency room. We immediately assumed I had lost one or both the babies. At the ER they did an ultrasound and to my surprise both babies were doing fine with strong heartbeats! One was even sucking his thumb and the other was dancing around. I was SOOO confused and the ER doc was not being much help. He was extremely vague, telling me that it was a good sign that babies are doing well and my cervix is closed BUT it could still be an early sign of a miscarriage :? Only my OB can tell me what's going on for sure and I have to call in the morning to get in to see her. Uggghhhh! For now I'm on bed rest.

After doing a little research on the net and talking to a friend who's a nurse, I'm wondering if it could be placenta previa? Has anyone had similar symptoms with this condition? I know I'll find out for sure in the next couple days but anything to help put my mind at ease for now (a little) would help.

Thanks so much for any input.
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