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PG with Twins after Classic C section

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PG with Twins after Classic C section

Postby rikirees » Sun Dec 13, 2009 1:00 am

Moms, I am asking for your info and hoping there is at least one of you that can calm me down a little.
Brief history- after many years TTC and on my 4th IVF attempt I got my BFP. We transferred 3 embies and at week 7 got 4 hb's. One of my embies split into identical twins (1 placenta, 2 sacs). I was PG with Quads. Pregnancy was MISERABLE and 1 singleton and the twins died at week 12 and week 15 respectively. My beautiful DD was born at 26 weeks after my water broke at 24 weeks via c section (vertical- classic cut). I had a complete placenta abruption which is what caused her early birth (plus all the trauma going on in the womb). She is an energetic 2 year old and the love of my life. My miracle!
Fast forward to 11/09, we want another baby and do an FET cycle. Only put in one embryo because "I don't want multiples". Get BFP. Beta #1 414- first sign that made me nervous.
U/S at 5 weeks 4 days shows 2 sac's 2 fetal poles...identical twins in two completely separate sacs.
Now...me freaking out- PANIC...freaking out about having 2 more preemies, freaking out about my uterus tearing. My OB says the C section scar won't be an issue but EVERYTHING i have read says otherwise. RE says we could have a vanishing twin later down the line (am I supposed to be hoping for that?!?!?) and not to get too ahead of myself, since we haven't even seen the HB yet.
Anyone else have twins after a regular or classic C section? How did it turn out. Please help calm me down. I can't find any cases of Twins after C sections that are good outcomes:(
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Postby KatieG » Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:29 pm

I have no advice I just want to send you good vibes in your upcoming months. You sure have been through a lot! Happy Holidays.
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Postby sharishu » Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:41 pm


Your OB says the scar is not an issue? That's wonderful news as far as I am concerned! My life experience has taught me to take what I read with a HUGE grain of salt, and to rely more on real doctors. I've read so much on the internet which I later learned was crap. I feel bad about your panic; it sounds like you have convinced yourself for quite some time that multiples was a no-no, and that now you feel like your worst fear has come true. Try to retrain your thinking and trust what your doctor is telling you. Relax and enjoy this precious time. The trauma of your past is in the past, where it belongs. Time to move forward with lots of positive thinking :). I am here for you to help you through...

Shari xo
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