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Post by cymplicity27 » Thu May 06, 2010 1:32 pm

My 5 month old twins were put on amoxicillin for ear infections back in early April. It was then that the diarrhea started. They STILL have diarrhea!!! I believe initially it was due to the amoxicillin but later it was the result of a virus. It's been over a month now and we're still dealing with it. Anyone experienced diarrhea lasting this long?? We consulted our pediatrician several times and because they haven't lost their appetites, don't appear to in any pain and are putting on weight, we're left to just wait it out. I just wish it would go away!! Because it doesn't seem to be causing them too much discomfort I'm not too worked up about it yet. What I am worked up about are the diaper rashes as a result of the diarrhea!! :x

My baby girl developed a nasty diaper rash a couple weeks ago. After a week it finally healed but because the diarrhea is still there I believe it is returning. Just yesterday her brother's bum started to look really red. We are using butt paste regularly and giving them baths in baking soda to treat, and I believe both work but it's just so hard to keep under control with the diarrhea. And with all the constant diaper changes it just breaks my heart to see them in pain from the rashes :(

Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this and reassure myself that this too shall pass!! Thanks.
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Re: Diarrhea

Post by angram » Fri May 07, 2010 12:42 am

cymplicity - That is horrible, I'm so sorry your little ones are going through so much! My DD has had diarrhea a couple of times, but mainly due to a stomach virus. Our pedi recommended Florastor, which is a probiatic. We get it at the pharmacy, and it's usually behind the counter for some reason. It's a powder you give in milk, water, yogurt, juice, or anything they'll eat/drink really, 2x a day as long as they have diarrhea. It totally works! The pedi also gave us a prescription for some bottom paste, which they had to compound at the pharmacy. She said it was a miracle worker. Anyway, I'd try out the Florastor if you haven't already and I hope your twins get over it soon, a month seems like a very long time to go through that...poor babies. Good luck to all 3 of you :)
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Re: Diarrhea

Post by dys24 » Fri May 07, 2010 7:30 pm

Ohhhh cymplicity I feel so sorry for you and the babies!!!! I dont have any advice or recommendations as my dd never had diarrhea (thank god) but I know when i was switching formulas my pedi said she might get one and if it lasts more than a week than to let him know. I dont think they should have it this long, maybe its the formula giving it to them? maybe you should seek a second opinion? to me its seems a long time to have it, but if your pedi says its ok then you should not worry.
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