Your opinions wanted please!

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Your opinions wanted please!

Post by indigofire » Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:18 am

Hello lovely ladies,

I hope you don't mind me crashing here, but I'm doing a project for school and I would love your opinions. If you're not interested, please feel free to pass on by.

I am currently a student midwife and I have been on the fertility roller coaster for over 15 years now. It's one of the ironies in life, what I am super passionate about (pregnancy and birth) I haven't been able to do yet myself. But I love helping women through the amazing transformation into motherhood. I am working with a counsellor at an infertility clinic and a midwife who specializes in caring for women who have become pregnant after ART's. We are creating a workshop series to work with women who have gotten pregnant on their options in early pregnancy, what to expect that may be different than other people who get pregnant the old fashioned way, and how to help them get to a point where they may be able to enjoy the pregnancy instead of being in constant fear. Not sure if that last one is possible, but we're going to try.

My question for you ladies who have been there and have had babies, is what, if anything, would you like to have known when you first got pregnant that would have helped you in your pregnancy journey? It could be anything from specifics about being pregnant or warnings of the emtional roller coaster, or things that came up that you weren't expecting.

I would love any and all input. Please feel free to reply here, or send me a private message. Thank you in advance!

Me 37 - PCOS
DH 47 - sterile after chemo
TTC - 16+ years
Adopted DD 12 yrs ago
IVF #1 - BFN
FET 03/11 - 2 blasts transferred, BFN
FET 04/11 - chemical
Donor Egg 09/11- 1 embryo BFN
Donor Embryos - 9 donated 11/11 - FET Dec. 21

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