IVF babies

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IVF babies

Post by christinaprescott » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:25 am

Hi everyone. I have a question. I have heard that IVF babies have the low immune system. Is it true? Please tell me more about it. My friend wants to go to IVF. She wants to be sure about all the possibilities. Has someone experienced this? If yes then how do such children are been treated? Your suggestions will be appreciated.

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Re: IVF babies

Post by KattyH » Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:48 pm

Well, there's a buzz in the research world about this any many claims it but I have total doubt on its authenticity. I have had mine through IVF and she is perfectly fine so far in the 18 months post-partum. Also, I know a few children (2-6 years range) from the various parenting classes, insanity control and struggling with infertility women I met on meet-ups - that gives me the impression that the chance of weak immune system or brain development problems has only as much as a chance in IVF as in normal delivery - provided you didn't choose to transfer a defective embryo knowingly (The desperations are high) or have been kept from that information (happens in some ill practice). which is why choosing the right clinic makes a whole lot of difference - a good one might fail in a few attempts but won't choose a deceptive way when so much is at stake. About the immunity, though most of it is genetic and its development is triggered in the embryo stage, a major portion takes part post-partum from 2-4 years, along with brain and cognitive developments. So, you can count a bit on that phrase to undo the less serious immune problems. Don't count the frequent hospital visits as lack of strong immunity unless the kid is 5 years old.. because till then the infant or the toddler's health is prone to react to any minor change in immediate surrounding. Don't be scared ... there's no guarantee that you'll have a healthy baby even if you get one naturally either. Good Luck with the pregnancy! XOXO

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