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Postby Zed2003 » Wed Nov 10, 2004 8:27 pm

How did yo get on with Alex today, Shell? Did you get him weighed???

Took Sam yesterday, but the wee monkey hardly put on anything - never going to get him into a new car seat at this rate - looks like it'll be anoth month yet... :(

The health visitor was pleased with his development though - he's catching up - and only a couple of months more with iron and vitamins.

What was Alex's weight?

Z x
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Postby bubblymichelle » Thu Nov 11, 2004 11:27 am

Hi Zoe,

Lovely to hear from you, I have done a post about Alex's weight before I had seen your post. Alex is now 21lb 09oz he was 20lb 9oz so he has done well in 4 weeks I reckon. Did Sam not put any on at all?

You had a good day at work?

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