Been off the boards for a while but .....

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Jo Locker
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Been off the boards for a while but .....

Post by Jo Locker » Fri Nov 19, 2004 11:11 am

now am back!!!!!! Gosh I've really missed you all and hope you remember me a little bit. Tracey S you made my day when I saw your fantastic news about your little darlings and its so good to see everyone is OK - bet you're as mad as a whole load of badgers now girl (what IS the collective term for badgers??)

Shell you are just as lovely as ever I remember - still posting frantically and helping everyone through!

Sorry I have been away so long - my husband was very ill and I ended up finishing work much earlier than planned and rather abruptly. He is absolutely fine now and we are the very proud parents of Alice who is almost 8 months old and gorgeous.

Feel so guilty in case I worried any of you - just havent had access to the site.

Well, I'm back at work now so will be back with you and have already dusted off my birch twigs in case anyone needs a good whipping !!

Lots of love to all my old pals - hope you will fill me in on all the news. Am working 3 days per week and glad to be here. Alice is at nursery and absolutely loves it!

Still feel massively for all those TTC and my thoughts have been with you all so often!

Cant wait to hear from you - Jo Locker. XXXXXXXXXXXX

PS: will have to get used to the new site - in my day it was all very basic and all this was fields, etc !!


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Post by Zed2003 » Fri Nov 19, 2004 6:13 pm

Hi Jo,

Just a quickie...good to see you back and to hear that all goes well with you and the family.

What was it with the birch twigs??? Think I remember something, but am not sure....I'm positive that Sam and Alice were due around the same time??? How's motherhood anyway? :D

Take care
Zoe x

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Post by LORRAINE G » Fri Nov 19, 2004 6:47 pm

Lovely to hear from you Jo and glad you are well.

Yes we have all missed you giving us the birch twigs treatment1 Look forward to renewed birching from you and Tracey S!!!

Have a great weekend

Love Lorraine G

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Post by bubblymichelle » Fri Nov 19, 2004 11:40 pm

Hi Jo,
Welcome back darlin, how u doing?
How is your DH now?
I bet your enjoying every second with Alice ain't ya?
Alex is 9 months old now and it's just so scary where the time goes.
Hope to hear from you soon.


Post by Guest » Mon Nov 22, 2004 9:22 am

Dear Zoe, Lorraine, Shell - thanks for your replies. Hope you had great weekends. Well Zoe .... the thing with the birch twigs you see - its just a little punishment that you can administer to others when they get really crazy .. clears the mind to have a good thrashing when you go a little over the top ... brings you back down to reality. Before we were blessed with our babes and in the midst of the IVF mahem we have all needed it from time to time!!!!

Gosh its good to be back - Alice will be 8 months on 28th November and motherhood is fantastic. Soooooo hard at first dont you think? The first couple of months are just a feeding changing blurr almost. My husband works long hours and some of those days when you're on your own - phew!!! not sorry to be past that part! So much easier when they're a little older and eating solids.

But ..... not a day goes by when I dont think about how we came to have Alice and about all the girls currently cycling - gosh what a journey.

Shell I read that you have had some troubles with your DH and I hope that you are coming through it and feeling OK. Life doesnt half throw some weird stuff at you doesnt it? When you see your baby's little hands reaching up for you, you just know that you can cope with anything that comes up dont you.

Back at work 3 days a week (which is enough!!) so I'd better get on and do a bit for the cause. Lots of love to you all. Jo XXXX

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Post by beck » Mon Nov 22, 2004 10:35 am

welcome back jo,
glad all is ok with you hunnie xxx

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Post by SallyP » Mon Nov 22, 2004 1:13 pm

Hi Jo - welcome back hon - I'm not long back myself because I returned to work 4 days a week in September. I was reading of Alice's 8 month birthday - how spooky - Jay will be 10 months on 27th Nov.

He's gorgeous - 20lbs 2, 78 cms tall - big blue eyes and blond hair - a right heartbreaker, but without any teeth so far! Still -he has a gorgeous gummy smile - I love it when babies laugh don't you??

I was so sorry to hear your DH had been ill - i was thinking over the weekend it's amazing all the things we've all had to put up with one way or another isnt it. I can't believe that when we all 'met' on the 2WW all those months ago, we thought the 2ww would be the most worrying thing! I'm so glad that this forum is here because friends/family who haven't been through the cycle just can't relate in the same way that someone who's been through it understands (if that makes sense!).

What happens to Alice while you're in work? Jay is in nursery and absolutely loves it (sometimes I get a bit jealous if I'm honest but I really am glad that he settled in so well there - he's become so much more sociable since starting nursery as well as before he was a bit nervous of new people). Apart from missing him like mad, there are only 2 drawbacks to nursery that I can see - that they are a bit more relaxed about routine than I am (but I am a bit of a paranoid soul/control freak and do worry when he's not had enough/too much daytime sleep) and all the bugs he gets. It seems like he's had a permanent cold/ cough with intermittent fevers and needs for antobiotics. I feel so sorry for him as he's such a happy little chap I hate to see him ill, but most of the time he's just snuffly - when he does sneeze he finds it hilarious!!. everyone keeps saying he'll have a great immune system when he starts school so i'm holding that thought!

Anyway - best crack on!
good to seeyou back,
love Sally xxx
Me - severe endo, DH - poor sperm. First IVF ICSI Nov 02 neg. Second IVF/ICSI May 03 Positive.
Miracle baby Jay born on 27th January 04

Jo Locker
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Post by Jo Locker » Mon Nov 22, 2004 1:33 pm

Hi Sally - how lovely to hear from you - its fantastic to be able to communicate with people who have "special" babes around the same age. You would imagine on a site like this that it would all stop once you'd been successful with IVF etc but we will need the support from each other just as much as ever!!!

Alice has golden brown hair, not too much of it yet, and the most gorgeous big dark blue eyes. No teeth yet but like you say that lovely gummy, mouth-open smile is to die for!! She is always really smiley and loves songs and anything silly (just as well!!) When she laughs out loud and giggles we just can't explain how we feel - the expression "music to your ears" comes to mind.

She is at nursery 3 days per week and has settled in so well we were amazed at how much she loves it. I can say the same thing about the bugs though - she has not had so much as a minute of illness throughout her 7 months - not a cold, not a tummy upset nothing - as soon as she went to nursery she had a horrible chesty cough and had to go to the doctors and I know it's only the first of many such things - whooopeeeee!!
BUT ..... she is thriving at nursery and absolutely loves it.

She's a great eater and loves all the healthy stuff which is great, but of course with the odd bit of cake & custard or choccie thrown in. She loves veg and fruit and prefers normal food to the jar stuff which she's not too keen on.

Sleeping - she had colic when tiny which was just awful for a short while but now often sleeps 8 - 10 hours per night. Occasionally she'll have a bad night and wake a few times but on the whole she's a good sleeper. She has milk last thing and tends to fall asleep having this but we are trying to put her to bed awake a little bit more now so that she can get used to falling to sleep herself - she's better at this some times than others!!

She is just tremendous fun and the light of our lives. She has uplifted not just us but our parents and families too as she's the only baby.

Can't wait for all the things we can do with her, and for Christmas of course.

Its just great to be in touch again - feel like I've got another lifeline back!!

Lots of Love - Jo L. XXXX :D

Tracey S
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Post by Tracey S » Thu Nov 25, 2004 4:59 pm

Hi Jo and all actually

Just popped in before the grizzly 5pm thing before their baths - you know the bit when it's hit and miss if they grizzle or not for a while and I have to keep them amused. All on my own this evening as Ian is off out in Slough on business so bath and yet more feeds on my own - always fun as Alice falls asleep if she has not had a 15 min nap and Emily throws her muslin square around for a larf!!!!!!!!!!!! She has such a lovely smile and giggle that it is hard to be cross. Jo - still on the late night feed - gosh I was thinking that drops a while before Alice is now - or am I deluding myself. WE have cut them down to 4oz this week last thing as never hungry in the mornign - well not starving and have to wake them normally at 6.50 am!
Birch twigs - what joy I had with those - they have been in the cupboard a while now - got them out for Caz and Bina and Gem on the 3rd trimester thread in their early days - infact they were used a lot then - remember when I used them on you a few times - have missed our giggles.
Do you have a new email address? Mine is on my profile if you fancy getting in touch - how is Pedro? Sorry to hear about hubby - hope all well.
Love to all
T, E and A
ttc 9 years. 38 yrs old, dh 8 hrs younger!First IVF in Aug 2002 and had ectopic.2nd IVF neg.3rd FET and negative.4th FET and positive but sadly lost our little boy at 20 weeks.5th FET and Alice Isobel and Emily Charlotte born 5th Aug 2004!

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Post by ogr1 » Fri Nov 26, 2004 10:12 pm

this is so wonderful.. jo thanks for the e-mail.. i am glad that you have your daughter. we where all very worried.

at church there is twin boys and they are around 2. they run the whole church. i mean they are running up and done all of the asiles. so if you have weight to lose you will lose it when they start running...

any one herd from lorraine? she was to have hher c-section on the 25..

i am very proud of you all and congradulations moms :P :P :P :P
love becky
we werent blessed with our babies to raise here but we our blessed with our grandaughter
and all of our many adopted and foster children that touch our lives
and i am glad to add that our 6th grandchild will be born this spring!!!!

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Post by Chrissi » Wed Jan 05, 2005 7:29 pm

Hi Jo,
Its great to hear from you I've often thought of you. Haven't been on the board myself for quite a while now hence the late reply to your message which you posted in Nov. I am back at work now too also 3 days a week. Irini and George are doing really well, can't believe they are just over 10 months now.
lots of love

Jo Locker
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Post by Jo Locker » Mon Jan 24, 2005 1:47 pm

hi Chrissi !!!!!!!! its lovely to hear from you too, and that your little cherubs are doing well. Alice will be 10 months old this friday 28th. She is at nursery 3 days per week and I'm really enjoying working again. She is getting a little more aware now when I leave her and she sometimes cries a little tiny bit but as soon as I've gone she has a ball!! Makes you feel awful though but I know she's thriving there and having lots of fun.

So busy as a part time worker I dont get much chance to post ! I'll look out for your messages though - keep in touch.

lots of love - Jo. XX

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