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Postby Jackie S » Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:53 pm

Hi Toni

Hows this for a scary thought???? -our little ones have just celebrated their 5th Christmas (4th New Year)

Where has all the time gone????

Hope everyone had a great christmas. We got Joshua a Kota the triceratops which is 2.5ft tall and animotronic(?) it roars when you feed it, and its horns wiggle and it has 11 interactive points. Joshua being Joshua will only sit on it if it is turned off but it is so cute.

Again Joshua wasn't interested in christmas and all the changes were hard on him but he seems to be enjoying some of his toys -anything with animals. He said 'cow' for the first time at the beginning of December -his first purposeful word and then pointed at a cow in a book. It took a long time but this is HUGE!!!

Still in battle with the education authority. We won our appeal but they have launched an appeal in the upper tier tribunal which is the equivilent of the high court. We need to get a proper barrister now.

The good thing is that our appeal which we won is law until something changes so they have had to agree to provide transport to the school we want until the next appeal is heard. It could be July so it is good we have managed to get the correct interpretation of the judges rulings and not educations interpretation which would mean Joshua would lose the whole of his first year.

So after 5 months of nothing Joshua will start school on Thursday. We have to sort out all the details -the lea made sure we got everything too late to sort before christmas. It is going to be very hard on Joshua going on a strange minibus with people he doesn't know, then there are four teachers and 10 other children at school in his class. He only knows the one teacher from Friday mornings but she also works Thursday so at least he will have something he recognises.

We are going to speak to the school and work out the best way of getting Joshua built up to full time -it will take a while because since July 18th he has been at home with me with just 2.5 hrs of school a week since September.

I keep saying I hope it snows then I get to keep him a bit longer. He has been through such a lot in 2009 and I am so proud of him because he is really trying. They are finally going to sort his tongue out so hopefully it will help him with his speech which at the moment consists of 'bye' (to everything -no context whatsoever) and 'cow' (yes! he says it and points at a cow). He is currently at a 15month level but hopefully once he is in a routine and people are working with him and he is on a high impact speech programme things will improve.

Anyway, enough about us. Hope everyone is ok. Have a great 2010.

Jackie & Joshua
Me 36 husband 38. Been together for over 16 years.
2000 -2003 Clomid
Sept - Oct 03 IVF abandoned due to poor response.
Dec -Feb 04 IVF early m/c
Sept -Nov 04 IVF ++++

10 July 2005 -Our precious son Joshua James was born.
Jackie S
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