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Kirstens four months old Where did the time go!!!???

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Kirstens four months old Where did the time go!!!???

Postby Cate » Wed Sep 07, 2005 10:07 pm

Hello Alicia Paige Tanya and all
Kirsty is all up to date with her jabs has been baptised C of E and as from last Sunday is sleeping through without any milk although all may well change!
When she first slept through last Sunday I was up early on the Monday morning as Paul was going off to work in Scotland I came down to get milk and it suddenly struck me jug kettle etc was in same place and I hadn't been up through the night (neither had Paul obviously although I did ask him and he looked at me like I was in fact bananas!)

Kirsty weighs 10lbs 15oz which is 4.96kg and is very contented and smiley she still puts her hands behind her head when she drinks and crosses her feet which is hysterical.
Also I'm noticing things I remember Jessie (who turned 11 years yesterday) doing ie a fake cough to get attention, she has discovered her knees though not her feet as yet and also will trace any patterns on things and has discovered labels on toys etc.
Never a day goes by when I don't thank my lucky stars things could just have easily turned out so different. I am feeling really well.
Jess went back to school today and although I missed her it does give me time to drool over Kirsty without feeling too guilty.
Wishing every one best wishes and stay in touch when you can. ps I just about managed to put a photo of Paul and Kirsty on the ivfgroup photobucket site I hope noone minds too much?? Cate xxxx Off to bed now as don't want to push my luck on the sleep thing just in case
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