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Postby Juliana » Mon Mar 20, 2006 2:32 pm

I've been checking the board for news from you and wondering what's happening to you and how you are feeling, so I found your message on the general forum and I thought to answer it here, since I mostly met you here on this thread. I am so sorry about the m/c you are going through. Having been through it once, I found the pain only the physical manifestation of the much bigger misery of losing a baby and a cycle and all the hope invested. I can imagine you are feeling numb. You know this better than me, having been through it before and been the good friend of many of us on these forums, but when it hits, give yourself the time to grieve. I can also imagine at some level you would like to pretend it's not happening, but once you start bleeding this will not be possible, sadly, or maybe rightly. You have been so brave, also last time after the ectopic, and you do have the wonderful Maya, still, it is a hard blow. I can imagine there are many on this site who feel for you right now, so feel free to complain to us, vent all the emotions (I agree DF had no business being in bed right now :wink: ). I so hope for you the physical side will be quickly and safely over.
lots of love
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