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Play ideas.

Postby DebraP » Sat Mar 04, 2006 1:47 pm

I found 2 long lists of play ideas. There may some dulipcates but I thought I'd share them. People with 1month olds might want to tuck the list away for later!!

1. Color
2. Blow Bubbles
3. Play Hide-and-Seek
4. Peek-a-Boo
5. Play Chase
6. Do Fingerplays
7. Sing a song
8. Collect rocks in a basket
9. Make an obstacle course out of cushions and/or furniture
10. Make a fort out of cushions and sheets
11. Go for a Walk
12. Make a Car out of a box
13. Read a book
14. Go to the park
15. Fingerpaint
16. Play with Clay-Dough
17. Toss Bean bags into a Bucket
18. Play the shell and pea game
19. Dance to music
20. Download games for toddlers from the Internet
21. Practice putting things in and taking things out of boxes and bags
22. Make a temporary slide out of a table leaf and your couch
23. Roll a ball back and forth on the floor
24. Scoop dirt or sand into a child's bucket (or use a serving spoon and bowl)
25. Practice climbing by stacking boxes on top of each other (only with adult supervision)
26. Put on a puppet show
27. Go fishing with a yard stick and yarn
28. Make a Horseshoe game
29. Make a Shape Puzzle
30. Play paper basketball
31. Run through a Sprinkler
32. Play with a bucket of water and a sponge (PLEASE WATCH CHILD AT ALL TIMES!)
33. Make a Drum out of an oatmeal box
34. Play with a kazoo
35. Wash windows together
36. Bang on Pots and Pans with a spoon
37. Brush each other's teeth
38. Play dress-up with stuffed animals and your child's clothes
39. Stack canned or boxed food on top of each other
40. Let child stack mixing bowls inside each other
41. Make a playhouse out of a large box (see links page for some great instructions! Entitled: Building a Playhouse)
42. Let child play with a sticker sheet (make sure your child doesn't eat them!)
43. Put stickers on fingers for finger puppets
44. Play a musical instrument together- i.e.recorder, piano, etc.
45. Go on a Smelling Hunt
46. Frost Cookies
47. Plant a flower or vegetable plant together
48. Roll a tennis ball into an empty trash can or bucket
49. Draw on a mirror with dry-erase markers
50. Play hide and seek together- trying to find a stuffed animal or other object
51. Have a splash party together in the bathtub
52. Put a leash on a stuffed animal and walk around the house
53. Record each other on a tape recorder (great for scrapbooks or journals!)
54. Make and try on paper hats
55. Give a piggie back ride
56. Play "Horsie"
57. Talk into an electric fan (it distorts your voice)
58. Play tug-of-war with a blanket
59. Collect flowers (felt, artificial, real...)
60. Make a camera and go on a Safari
61. Play games with frozen juice lids
62. Disconnect your phone and pretend to make phone calls to relatives
63. Leave your phone connected and really make phone calls to relatives- let your child talk too
64. String large beads onto or along a shoelace
65. Squirt each other with squirt bottles
66. Glue shapes onto paper
67. Make sock puppets
68. Make paper puppets
69. Fill an old purse with toys
70. Use a paper towel tube as a megaphone
71. Make binoculars and go "Bird Watching" or "Stuffed Animal Watching"
72. Put snacks in different fun containers (paper sacks, empty canisters, etc.)
73. Act out a story from a book
74. Walk on a balance beam- use a 2x4 placed on the ground
75. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk
76. Sketch an outline of your child on the sidewalk or paper with chalk
77. Paint child's palms with tempura paint and blot on paper. Makes a great card for loved ones!
78. Put lipstick on child and kiss a mirror
79. Make a puddle on cement and splash barefoot in it
80. Let child decorate and eat an open peanut butter sandwich
81. Make a toilet paper barricade for child to go under, over, or through
82. Do the Hokey Pokey
83. Make a super-hero costume out of household items
84. Do Knee-Bouncing Rhymes
85. Play "Red Light, Green Light" saying "Go" and "Stop"
86. Make a shoebox train for stuffed animals
87. Make a pillow pile to jump on (keep it clear from any hard surfaces, including walls!)
88. Make an easy puzzle with felt and velcro
89. Make bracelets or collars for stuffed animals out of pipe cleaners and jingle bells
90. Learn numbers from a deck of cards
91. Play the matching game with a deck of cards
92. Make a domino chain
93. Have a picnic in the park, backyard, or living room!
94. Play dress up in Mommy or Daddy's clothes
95. Make a tin cup telephone and talk to each other in it
96. Make a nature collage
97. Mirror each other
98. Make a "Mummy Mommy" with toilet paper
99. Make a tape recording of short music selections and instructions to move in different ways
100. Make and walk along a toilet paper trail
101. TAKE A NAP!!

1. Have a Year-Round Easter Egg Hunt
2. Sponge Paint
3. Bake Cookies Together
4. Clean Together
5. Put scarves in an empty kleenex box to pull out and put in
6. Put plastic easter eggs or small stones in a cardboard egg carton
7. Paint the house, car, etc. with a bucket of water and clean paintbrush
8. Make your own picture book
9. Use a paint brush to learn parts of the body
10. Play with "Goop "
11. Kick and Roll a Large Ball
12. Practice marching on lines of Masking Tape
13. Make Horns out of toilet paper rolls
14. Use a magnifying glass to take a closer look at the world
15. Make a tunnel out of a blanket and chair
16. Give
17. pretend haircuts Have a Science Experiment with Baking Soda and Vinegar
18. Have a Parade
19. Make Cup Dolls
20. Play a Color Recognition Game
21. Draw Chalk figures on the sidewalk
22. Play Airplane
23. Blanket Peek-a-boo
24. Go Color Shopping
25. Discover Musical Instruments
26. Make Kitchen Ceramics
27. Create your own zoo
28. Giggle with Nonsense Syllables
29. Check out the Library for free children's activities
30. Make your own Alphabet Book
31. Make Hanger People
32. Experiment with Rainbow Water
33. Make and decorate Trees made out of handprints
34. Try
35. Fruit PaintingMake your own paper food plate
36. Play the Popcorn Game
37. Make a "Me" Mask
38. Fill the sink with water and discover what sinks and floats
39. Put your child in the bathtub and allow him/her to paint the sides with washable watercolors
40. Plant some green bean seeds (they grow quickly)
41. Put extra change in a piggy bank
42. Play an echo game, take turns repeating each other
43. Make a dry food collage
44. Create sandy designs
45. Personal Picture Puppets
46. Play "Eye Spy"
47. Make sewing cards
48. Draw a chalk plate for your fine feathered friends
49. Pick Berries
50. Make a necklace out of macaroni (for fun colors, see number 69!)
51. Make Flubber
52. Make Index Card Books
53. Turn your home into a neighboorhood in need of mail
54. Popcorn Art
55. Make Styrofoam Ornaments
56. Make your own Playdough!
57. Let your child do her own Cooking
58. Play the game of "The Crawling Hand"
59. Build Snow Castles at home!
60. Have a color day
61. Make Silly Putty
62. Do fun activities with Contact Paper
63. Make a Bird Feeder
64. Try Tubular Tunnels!
65. Make Photo Placemats
66. Learn some Picture Poems
67. Design your own Wrapping Paper
68. Play water games in the bathtub
69. Color Macaroni and Pasta Shapes
70. Play The Driving Game
71. Make and eat Painted Toast
72. Make a Sidewalk Storyboard
73. Wash cars together
74. Make and use your own Mailbox
75. Make up new stories from old books
76. Make your sidewalk a World of its own
77. Rotate toys so they're always like new
78. Make Craft Stick picture frames
79. Have a Baby Powder Race
80. Make UFO's
81. Make a collage self portrait
82. Make colored ice cubes
83. Make a Chef's Hat
84. Make a Magnetized foam jungle
85. Play with a Bean Bag board
86. Try Rocking in a boat
87. Try Riding a pony without a grown-up's knee!
88. Construct your own Bridge
89. Let your child Dig up dinosaur bones
90. Give your child a flashlight and watch what happens! (Hopefully not your good one)
91. Let your child try on your shoes (You'll need to supervise this one closely)
92. Go Bowling!
93. Try Apple Bobbing Without Water
94. Play a game of Color Go Fish
95. Learn to spell a name by Cheerleading Letters
96. Play Crab and Lobster Tag
97. Practice rolling wrists and ankles
98. Accordian fold Paper Butterflies
99. Trace thick foam shapes
100. Sort crackers by shape
101. Play sheepdog
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Postby k » Sat Mar 04, 2006 8:50 pm

Hi Debra

Wow! Thank you for this! Will look forward to these games as Jenna gets older! Cant wait for her to start been interested in these things!

Love Kim
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Postby bubblymichelle » Sun Mar 05, 2006 8:11 am

Some of these are really good!! Alex loves wearing my boots, shoes but really have to watch him.
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Postby Smita » Sun Mar 05, 2006 1:55 pm

hey Debra,
thanks for sharing..
will tuck it away for the coming months..good luck for your scan..

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Postby Juliana » Tue Mar 07, 2006 10:52 am

Hi Debra,
thanks for this! Amazing how many things one can do with one's kids if the imagination and the energy are there. Our current favourite is I think No 36, banging on pots and pans with a spoon.
Hope that your pain is better, I can imagine it worries you a lot, but it's great news the sac is in the right place. Could the pain be from scars from last time?
love and good luck Monday,
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Postby DebraP » Tue Mar 07, 2006 11:19 am

Juliana, no idea re. the pain and scars although it must be possible. The consultant didn't have a clue either.

My current problems are more pressing, I tripped and fell down the stairs last night at 0430. Only landed on my bum luckily although I've damaged my foot and suspect I've broken a toe! No point going to a doctor, I can't have an xray......Never rains but it pours. My parents arrive tomorrow for a week and I'm not sure I can get shoes on to be able to drive to collect them nor can I clean the house! Oh and the snow, non-stop since yesterday lunch and severely cold. I must stop complaining now.....

Enjoy the pots and pans banging! Tupperware boxes filled with bits of rice/dry pasta/beans etc. then firmly sealed make fun music to go with the drums.....Maya's faves are drawing, painting, using her doodle-sketch with stensils over the top, watching her dvds, her doll (I hate plastic dolls but she got it for Christmas and LOVES it - it poos and pees, how revolting is that?? she doesn't know it does these things as her parents have somehow negleted to show her how to feed it......).

Take care
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Postby Juliana » Tue Mar 07, 2006 3:36 pm

Oh Debra,
I am so sorry to hear this! You are having a really challenging time, I guess worrying about hcg levels and being tired with Maya makes you tired and then it's easy to get hurt (I get so clumsy when tired I bump into doors- really and not as a joke!...). I do hope DP comes to drive your parents or is he at work? The toe, maybe the doctor can tell what's wrong without an x-ray?
Will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope very much that friends and family will gather to the rescue. At least with parents over you may have some rest?
I cannot complain at all by comparison but we are trying to buy a house at the moment plus my four days a week work and the kids bring me to such exhaustion some days I wonder how I can keep going, but I guess that's a familiar feeling for all the mums on this site.
love and take care!
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