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Can We Have Sex?

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Can We Have Sex?

Postby Kara29 » Sun Dec 18, 2005 12:20 am

:?: :?: When doing Follisitm injections for IUI(on day 8 no where near ready to be inseminated) my eggs are not ready..............are we allowed to have sex before artificial insemination. I am taking 75 IU's for the weekend, so today and tomorrow and then on Monday, I go in for ultrasound and bloodwork, just wondering if we could have intercourse tonight.

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Postby NickiMark » Sun Dec 18, 2005 8:09 pm

Ive been told that it really doesnt matter if u have sex or not, during iui but we have never had sex during the day before insemination of the the whole 2ww....Mainly as I am not in the mood and my head tells me what if it riuns it, but hey we have had 3 iui's and got 3 fails, so next time parhaps we will have sex.

Just do what feels best for u and dh xx
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Postby DeniseM » Sun Dec 18, 2005 10:25 pm

Just try to leave about 3 days so your DH's sperm can be at full count for your IUI.
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Postby iuiman » Wed Apr 19, 2006 4:35 am

Our doctor strictly forbade sex the day before IUI as it can cause infection or change the timing factors. I would heed his advice as my wife got pregnant from abstience the day before with IUI.
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