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Post by Danie454 » Mon Apr 24, 2006 5:57 pm

Personally I rested the first day. Really rested.. Laying on the couch watching TV. I am a massage therapist so I have a very big understanding of how bad your body becomes just laying around. So I moved after that. I did all my normal stuff.. I avoided the Gym, but still went on walks with my dog. Did some house work.. Did some paper work ( for work) played on the computer etc... But I did rest when I felt tired. Which got more and more pronounced.

Your body requires movement to remain healthy.. and toxin free...

Just my take on things.. But if your doctor tells you to rest then do it.. I just happened to have a doctor that thinks its good to have movement.



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Big Thank You

Post by SASA » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:37 am

Hi, girls, thanks so much for the advice!
It seems that opinions and results from many girls do lead to the conclusion that resting and restricting movement for some period of time after ET did help implantation and increase pregnancy chance. :roll:
Shall definitely stay in bed for some .....time after FET next time if this one fails. :oops:
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Post by tinkerbellamom » Thu Apr 27, 2006 12:27 am

So much great advice. We are waiting now to see if this cycle ends in BFP naturally or BFN and start the BC for the beginning of our first IVF. I didn't know alot of this. I know that I can read tons of things but hearing from people who have been through it all.

I do know my doc said No to--
hot tubs
heavy lifting
horseback riding

Basically anything that could A- push water into the uterus, or anything jarring.

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My Q.

Post by USP » Fri May 19, 2006 10:03 pm

I see No bath during that long 2ww. Do u mean No to the usual daily shower in warm water?Kindly somebody explain me.

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Shower is OK

Post by SASA » Sat May 20, 2006 4:07 pm

I think shower is OK.
May be there is a risk that water would get inside the uterus in baths.
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Post by Smita » Sat May 20, 2006 6:53 pm

By baths, it is meant the long soak we have in bathtubs to relax ourselves-that is a no-no.
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Post by USP » Mon May 22, 2006 2:30 pm

Hi Smitha,
Thanks for answering my Q.

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Post by AuntyPebbles » Sun May 28, 2006 9:57 pm

Hi Guys,
this is great all this advice im waiting on my 2nd cycle in the lupron faze right now ..
i wanted to add something on the hair dyeing question.... the reason they tell you not to do it is because some women's hair gets weak while they are pregnant and any extra stress would increase the hair loss and face it we would all freak out loosing our hair.... however most women dont get this so i suppose if you dont see hair loss your fine but be carefull if you do sorts out after the baby is born so dont worry too much...

hugs and baby dust to all testers

love debz
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Post by nges » Mon May 29, 2006 10:03 am

Hie Everybody

This Message board is wonderful. I am sure that the advice, information and support on these boards is invaluable and to be used as much as possible or when needed. I have done a lot of research and I agree with most of the things everyone said, sum’s not really, but let’s analyzing those:

-Working would be beneficial to implantation….(Depend from type of work)
-Not bending down……………………………….I do not think so!
-No alcohol at all………………… little alcohol I believe it helps for relaxations!
-We should not have hot baths (!?)(Only showering)……………..
-No chocolate (!!)……………………………….This has no logic for me, sorry!
A tip from Mel_P:” I guess sugar highs can be too good for you AND why chocolate specifically? Have given up the caffeine and alcohol but seeking stress solace in quite a lot of chucky”-No ice creams................................Wow! Hold on, are you kidding?
-To eat well-cooked meat..................hmmm...
-No gym / no swimming………………………O.K
-No sunbath………………………………………….O.K
-No hot water bottles.......................?!
-No sun bathing................................Logical, not to over heat.
-No strenuous exercise………………………..May be a good logic on it!
-No high impact exercise……………………..O.K
-Drinking so much water!...................The water is always healthy!
-Nothing unpasturised........................(!)
-Not to do finger nails, or no hair colourings, outdoor painting …………..This sounds funny to me! :lol:
-To eat more warm/cooked foods in order to keep the body warm kind of like "making the body into an incubator….(tip from brs888)

My advise are:

-Not get yourself over-stressed or over-heated
-Not smoking
-Not spending too much time in front of a pc! This limited me to the computer
-Sleeping well and have the rest as much is possible.
-I reckon anything that relaxes you will be good!
-light exercise is fine
-stay away from hard sprint type runs
-No heavy lifting, it could pull the blood flow to your muscles and away from your uterus.
-Voiding anything that could A- push water into the uterus.
-Warm sunshine will be really relaxing (I think)
-I have to copy-paste a tip from Randa2006,it is very important:” Also, with everyone scared to death to get any sun these days, I think we run the risk of going too far the other direction and missing out on some of the benefits of sunshine. Don't we need it to process the Vitamin D we get? OK... I'll shut up now about sunshine”
-If anything happened do not blame our self or anybody else .It’s very easy looking for someone to blame.
Hope that helps!

My questions:

1… How long you lay down after FET?
2…After the transportation, can we walk or have a long journey the same day or is dangerous they can't be shaken out?! Can we presume that less body movement would make embryo implantation easier? Can we presume that a laying down body position would increase the chance of implantation for the embryo?
3…What about travelling, flying, and driving the long trip with cars or boats, a long journey?!
4…Avoid going up and down stairs, For instance, would you walk slowly or try to keep your body steady while you walk?
(true or fault?)

5…-“No sex “Probably may risk or is dangerous that embryos can’t be shaken out or…somebody knows?
6. Or should we have sex so our body would think conception was natural.

7… More than 2 embryos transf. is it dangerous for the pregnancy?

The BCP`s,"Birth Controll pills"
8. I heard that if you take BCP for few months, there is also evidence that it can increase the chances for pregnancy?!

Good luck to all those 2ww'ers and everyone else pushing through the rollercoaster ride of IVF.
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Post by nges » Mon May 29, 2006 10:50 am

One more think:

What is your advise about the term between 2 IVF`s?
One month, two, three, or more pause...??

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Post by IVFSwitzerland » Wed Jun 28, 2006 6:07 am

Gosh - you lot all know so much - Im really glad I read this as Im sure my dr. here in Switzerland will tell me nothing - what is week 2ww - is this the 2nd week of the IVF treatment and you are waiting to see whether it has worked? I do my first one in September or October so dont know much yet but I was wondering about the gym and alcohol - should I give all this up (as well as caffeine) before I start my treatment or closer to the time? Sorry to be so clueless - please help as Im panicking abit and of course people I know you have just got pregnant, tell me I should stop any alcohol, caffeine and gym now - not that I drink much anyway but I thought I should "carry on as normal" whilst Im having the summer "off" from needles - having had 3 failed IUIs but am interested to know what lies ahead for me with IVF so any information gratefully received as to what I can expect. thanks

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Post by Leanne » Fri Jun 30, 2006 6:36 pm

I was told to carry on as normal but be sensible. No alcohol etc. I have had 5 fails and I asked if I could have done anything different and my consultant just laughed and said absolutley not. I agree with the idea we actually look for things we shouldn't have done so we can blame them, when actually they are irrelevant.

I am on my 6th go and I am sooo relaxed because I am not thinking about all these things I should and shouldn't do. If it works - fantastic, if it doesn't then I can say at least I didn't go mad trying!!! I think some can try too hard and let it take over what is more important - relaxing ( I mean mentally not physically). We have been trying for 8 years so I know how hard it is and how important it is so I hope I don't sound like I'm making light of the whole thing. Ultimately you have to do whats right for you as the embryo will take control of its own destiny.
Lots of baby dust to each and everyone and hope you can all find some part of the treatment that is a positive experience for you whatever the outcome x

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Post by IVFSwitzerland » Wed Jul 05, 2006 6:13 pm

Wow - I have just read all the replies - I havent been on the site for a while as I am trying not to obsess about it all. All these things that I cant do like alcohol, gym, caffeine and movement - is this only AFTER embryo transfer or in the run-up to my first IVF as well? I thought if I can do spinning class then I could at least swim but is this really a no-no throughout all the treatment before and after?

Also I have a big holiday and flights booked for November - no point in not booking "just incase" a miracle should happen. A friend of mine that flying is like going up a high mountain in terms of altitude and that its fine to fly in the first few months - does anyone know the answer? If my first IVF works then I would in theory be 2 months pregnant when I fly. Much as I want the treatment to work, I dont want to have to cancel my trip and of course not booking it would have meant the treatment wouldnt work - what a dilemma ! Any advice would be great girls :?

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Post by PebblesUK » Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:07 pm

We were told it is important to rest as much as possible for the first 2-3 days (I had to stand up on a hot sticky tube in rush hour for an hour and a half on the way home from ET!), try to avoid as much as possible physical and mental stress.

After taking it easy for a few days you can return to your normal activities avoiding excessive physical exercise, swimming, travelling by air and sexual intercourse until after the pregnancy test.

Now the pregnancy test is positive :D we have been told no sex until after the first scan - poor DH, what with the abstaining beforehand and now this 4 weeks!!! lol

In most of the books I've read it says to avoid dyeing your hair in your first trimester. My sister is a hair dresser and she says the only reason being some people hair doesn't take as well as it would do normally. But a perm is a definate no no!

You can't just stop living for two weeks. I've had a bit of retail therapy towards the end of the 2WW, I've not hoovered, DH can do that! I have ordered my shopping on line, they deliver it to the door and I just unpack from there - I hate grocery shopping anyway and this way it's cheaper as I only buy what I need.

Good luck to everyone - don't stress!!

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Post by Dory » Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:20 pm

I'm going on a long road trip 3 days after my FET, my Dr told me it was fine to fly or drive, but we decided to drive, more relaxing and we can take it in turns. The dr said just make sure, i stop every couple of hrs at a rest area and walk around for 10 mins. The trip is estimated to take 9hrs non stop driving so we have decided to do it over 2 days and the same with the return.
So i think as it has been said so many times before anything in moderation, and as long as you sensible.

Take Care
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