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Starting IVF - help me

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Starting IVF - help me

Postby Littlebint72 » Thu May 04, 2006 8:09 pm

Hi all

I'm about to start IVF next month and I'm a tad worried. I'm not sure my DH is going to cope with it all. He is being overloaded and blinded by medical science !! Whats going to happen first?

I've been tracking my periods for years, I've had the HSG and a course of Chlomid for a year. He's has his sperm analysis, we've both had HIV, Hep B&C tests

Once we walk in the door of the hospital, what will they do?
Help us please, I can at least try to help my DH out. (I'm fine, I'm taking it in my stride!!)
Debs x
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Postby lynne » Fri May 05, 2006 3:51 pm

Hi Debs and welcome to the forum.
I know what you mean about being blinded with science, but it's really not that bad once it is all started.
Each clinic has a different way of dong thing but at mine if your tests come back clear then you start down regulating on day 23, then you stimulate about 20 days later for about 10 days. Then it's egg retieval and 3 days later embryo transfer.
Each clinic has a different number of scans they like to do. At mine it's hardly any. I only had 3 last time, but there are some women here who have lots. It depends on where you are.
Before we started treatment I felt like a victim. I'd been prodded and poked and tested and screened even though ours is male factor. But I realise that it was to give us the best possible chance of conception.
If you have any questions then stick them on the general forum and there will always be someone who has the answer.
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Postby LucyBucy » Sun May 07, 2006 6:42 am

Hi Debs,

All clinics are different but mine monitored me for a month before starting any treatment so that they could check hormone levels and different stages of the pregnancy. I also had a couple of scans to check womb lining thickness. I then started on the down reg drugs (mine was a nasal spray but some are injections) 7 days before my period was due. If I were you, I would get Zita West's book 'guide to getting pregnant' - it's got a really good chapter on IVF at the end. She deals with the emotions that you and DH will go through as well as the practicalities and any treatments you can have to help things along - highly recommended by me! Good luck with everything and welcome to the rollercoaster :)
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Postby Dottie » Sun May 07, 2006 6:15 pm

I'm at the end of my IVF mine was a little complicated but all in all it wasn't bad at all. I was told that when we go in for our first visit to come off like we want to get it going no hesitating or the doctor will hesitate with us. We first had to wait for our day 3 blood work to get done. Than unfortunitly we ended up haveing to have surgery to have a fibroid tumor removed from my uterius, in the process of this they thinned out my lining in my uterius.( it was too thick). Finally we got a move on. I started using a ovulation kit, 1 week after the stick turned colors I started my lupron injections in my stomach. On Lupron day 3 I went back to the doctor for my first blood work I ended up having to go back every day for blood work after day 3 I ended up having to give myself 3 different shots in stomach every night at exactly the same time. They were Lupron, Gonal pen, and Menopur. They ended up not being as bad as I made them out to be.On lupron day 13 I stopped all shots and I had to do the HCG shot which they recommend to be given in the upper outer quarter of the but (this is because you don't use this muscle much) this shot was scarry to me because it's a 22 gauge 2 1/2 in long needle. If you use this don't be frightened it's not bad at all. Than 3 days later I had my egg retrival. 4 days later I started my progestrone shots (which I have to do every night for the next 7 weeks to help with the groth of the embryos.) They were able to take 9 eggs, 1 in which was premature 7 in which they were able to fertilize. 3 days later I had the egg transfer done they put 3 back in me. They were watching the other 4. in which they ended up being able to freeze 2 of them. Now I'm waiting for my first pregency test. I started out scared and nervious but I didnn't have reason to be it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I hope telling you my story was helpful. And I wish you the greatest of luck.
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Film on IVF

Postby cindy13nelson » Tue May 16, 2006 8:21 pm

Hi, Debs,

There is a very good film on infertility and IVF. Tells you exactly what's going to heppan. Really helped me understand the process. Also good to show friends and relatives, so they don't say annoying things.

The film is called Technostorks. It has a web site www.technostorks.com

Hope it helps.


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