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Postby woppa » Sat Jun 10, 2006 9:21 pm

A bit of an almighty long shot but does anyone have or know of anyone who might have taped cbeebies today. I sent in a card for Evas birthday and it wasnt shown at 9am for birthday time. HOWEVER and stupid me didnt realise is they do another section at 12.15pm Her card and happy birthday was shown then when we were out.
Feel so bloody stupid and so upset.
It was at 12.15pm just before come outside.

please anyone as the BBC wont send you a tape
or does anyone know of anyone who works at the bbc.
will pay ALL expenses and a huge hug if anyone can get me this

Elaine xxx AKA Stupid mummy
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Postby ogr1 » Sat Jun 10, 2006 10:25 pm

i hope you get it..
wow how time is going by so fast..
how are you doing?

i bet eva has grown like a weed.

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Postby bubblymichelle » Sat Jul 29, 2006 10:32 pm

Did you manage to get it in the end?
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Postby woppa » Fri Aug 11, 2006 6:18 pm

no no luck yet. got someone who works at the bb on to it for me :)
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Postby Eve 2002 » Tue Oct 24, 2006 4:21 pm

you guys, sorry - a different thread i know, this website kept me sane a few years ago, and i remembered all your names - i used to post a lot. i have a friend about to fo through IVF now and recommended this website to her, just before i told her i checked to see if it was still here and was very happy to see it is.
did we all make it in the end then?
Eve 2002
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