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Advice please - big babies (LGA)

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Advice please - big babies (LGA)

Postby Mel_P » Thu Sep 14, 2006 10:23 am

Hi to all the new moms, and congratulations on your babies!

I would really like to hear any thoughts or experience from any of you who had "big babies" large for gestational age.

I have been measuring ahead pretty much since week 12, consistantly ahead by several weeks in the last month and now at 31wks 5 days I just had a scan where they confirmed that I am probably looking at a big baby, measuring at just over 34 wks already, (weighing over 2.3 kgs) and more worryingly I saw on the stats after my scan that the head circumerence is over 36 wks.

The sonographer indicated I shouldn't worry and that there are options around early induction or a c-section, but the mention of both of these for the first time really has me quite freaked out.

I feel anxsious as I can't see my midwife until end of next week. And of course all my internet trawling has only pulled up stories of babies trapped in birth canals, dislocated shoulders, difficult births etc etc.

Feeling really guilty over my diet. Although the diabetes results came back OKay, and am not considered overweight I have put on a lot of weight during the pregnancy (almost 15kgs already from 60kgs). Could this have contributed?

I really would like just to hear from anyone who has gone through anything similiar ... to keep me sane before I next see my midwife.

Should I be concerned? Is 2wks ahead really actually big? What does a large head circumference mean??? etc etc. Help!

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Postby michelle_in_scotland » Thu Sep 14, 2006 6:27 pm

Hiya Mel,
I don't know anything about the head circumference as i was never told anything about that but all the way through my pregnancy i measured bigger around 2-3 weeks at each midwife visit. I asked if that meant a big baby and was told measuring bigger doesn't always mean a big baby and not to worry about it too much as more often the measuring evens out at the end. Mine did kinda even out a bit, was still measuring about a week ahead and on top of that i was 11 days overdue when Kady was born and she weighed in at 8lb 6oz, so she wasn't overly large at birth, but she's a big girl now, she will be 15wks tomorrow and earlier this week she weighed in at just over a stone (14lb 7oz).
Don't know if this will be any reassurance for you or not. Just try not to worry too much.
Take care,
Lotsa love

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