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Mischief Success

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Mischief Success

Postby Shelly70 » Wed Dec 27, 2006 1:13 am

Well, we prayed for our miracle blessings, and God gave her to us. What we didn't realize was to be very specific, because our now 2 yr old bundle of joy, runs, roughness and sassyness is a true charmer in deed. Wouldn't exchange her for no other model, not even when she tells us to hush, stop or shut -up, or even act like a mini-me and point the finger. We find ourselves turning our heads and laughing. We are however setting boundaries and limits, but as educators ourselves, we know she has to explore and develop while learning. But please be cautious. They are addictive little beings to say the less. :wink:

5 IVF, 1 success and 36 another attempt :o :o
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